Kai Curry Bar Japanese Inspired Curry House

Welcome to Kai Curry Bar, a family restaurant located at Jalan Phuah Hin Leong with red wording signboard that mainly sell Japanese curry. The restaurant name "Kai" is owner son name who is an extremely talented artist, he did most of the drawing in every corner of the restaurant even on the menu.
The owner of the restaurant has once migrated to Japan and stay there for quite sometime where she work as a Teacher in Japan but her passion in cooking making her continue to explore further on Japanese curry and now she bring back the secret recipe with further refinement to cater for local palate. A plate of curry full of love and passion, did i mention Kai, her son is her inspiration on the curry? Well, because Kai just love her mom curry so much and that must be the motivation for her to continue further.
Kai Curry Bar

As we walk into the restaurant immediately we can feel like going back home, we totally don't have the restaurant feeling which is nice as we can be more relax and truly enjoy our meal. The whole restaurant has Kai drawing all over the wall, chair, ceiling, menu...etc. It is simple and nice.
Kai Curry Bar

Kai Curry Bar

Dragon drawing ceiling with simple lighting is just as nice.
Kai Curry Bar

Kai Curry Bar

They provide us two small bottle but none of us can guess what it is, we ask each other whether that is wasabi? soy sauce? chili paste? none of use get the right answer. What about you?
Marinated Pickle

Well, it is Vegetable Pickle (Fukujinzuke) such as lotus root, brinjal and radish with sesame. It did taste like those vegetable pickle we use to eat with porridge, a little bit sweet and sauteed taste. We love the lotus root a lot as it has the most crunchy texture.
Marinated Pickle

Mash potato prepared with ingredients such as potato, carrot and onion, top with sesame, cucumber and seaweed. Honestly, this is one of the best mash potato i ever try before, probably the add on onion help to boost it sweetness and seaweed make a good combination to it.
Mash potato

Salmon Cream Croquette RM3.50 per pcs, a generous size of deep fried croquette that is very crispy outside and soft inside, it is very flavorful on every bite. It definitely hit the mark, end up we order extra since it just not enough for sharing as we all love it so much. If you are vegetarian you may try the Sweet Corn Vegetarian Croquette, I believe it should be as good.
Salmon Cream Croquette

Before we go into the signature dish, I would like to share with you their curry and bread crumb. According to the owner they prepare their own bread crumb using Indian Roti, which has better texture and more crispy while the curry are refine from 15 different local spices where she took very long time to explore. Well, we can feel her passion again in every food preparation step.

In Kai Curry Bar there is two different type of Curry which is either Pork Curry or Vegetable Curry. Vegetable curry tend to have more sweet taste while Pork Curry has slightly sauteed taste, personally we find the pork curry taste better but honestly it just not that much different.

Ebi Furai Crumbed Prawn Curry RM17.90, average size prawn deep fried to golden color which is crunchy outside and juicy inside.
Ebi Furai Crumbed Prawn Katsu

Pork Katsu Curry RM16.90, my all time favorite. Pork Katsu is well cooked, tender and crunchy, super delicious and taste heavenly.
Pork Katsu Curry

Pork Katsu Curry

Fish Cutlet Curry RM17.90, instead of using dory fish the owner choose to use another type of fish Mahi Mahi which is quite rare, the reason for her decision is because Mahi Mahi tends to have more rough texture and good for deep fried. We has the same thought as well, it is indeed have more texture compare to Dory Fish and it taste very sweet as well.
Fish Cutlet Curry

Tomato and Okra Vegetarian Curry RM15.90, we decided to try this dish with the vegetarian curry and it turn out to be something quite special, it has very strong vegetable sweetness. It came with tomato, okra and chickpeas. Yes, chickpeas is added into the curry and surprisingly it taste so well balanced.
Tomato and Okra Vegetarian

Tomato and Okra Vegetarian Katsu

Sauteed Mushroom and Spinach Vegetarian Curry RM15.90, we found this dish to be a little bit bland as the mushroom and spinach both are very soft texture but if you are mushroom lover then you will love this dish very much.
Sauteed Mushroom & Spinach Vegetarian Katsu

Pork Hamburg Curry RM16.90, homemade pork hamburg is another must try dish here. The patty has rough texture and perfectly seal to be very juicy inside, it pack a punch of flavor. Even though the curry flavor very strong but it not overpower the patty, nice. By the way, this plate has add on Cheese.
Pork Hamburg Curry

Plain Pork Curry RM12.90, if you prefer to have something plain *not so plain*, then you can try the plain pork curry which has some pork meat in the curry but trust me, the curry is so flavorful that myself can consume two plate of steamed rice.
Plain Pork Curry

There is some add on item as well such as seared chicken, chicken katsu, pork hamburg...etc. We try the seared chicken since none of us order this dish and it only cost RM5, very reasonable price. The chicken is perfectly marinated and grilled, very nice to eat with curry.
Seared Chicken

This group of crazy people just eat non-stop, every week we gather and dine together at least twice. Let introduce FATastic6 member, HH, Jennifer(Hobo), Jazz, Trista (Chairperson) and my wife Gin.

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Kai Curry Bar
15, Jalan Phuah Hin Leong, Off-Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang.
11am-3pm ;6pm-9pm

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