Mess Hall Western and Asian Cuisine Restaurant at King Street Penang

Mess Hall Western and Asian Cuisine Restaurant located at King Street which is just a few door from Heaven Gate. The restaurant not only serving food instead it is a small art gallery and museum as well. There is ample parking space available during dinner time and weekend while week day may have some challenge due to office area.

There is a big welcome sign right after the entrance with a antique Motorcycle which according to the owner he bought it from Kuantan.
Mess Hall

Very nice table arrangement and high ceiling making the restaurant look spaces and big.
Mess Hall

Passing through a small walk way, we came to another big dining area which really caught us in surprise. Nicely decorated bar and open ceiling design that allow sunshine go directly into the building which is very comfortable.
Mess Hall

There is a big plane hanging at the end of the restaurant as well.
Mess Hall

On the second floor of the restaurant there is a small art gallery with few table for dining.
Mess Hall

Mess Hall

Mess Hall

Mix Flower Tea RM13
Mix Flower Tea

Caramel Macchiato RM10
Caramel Macchiato

Latte RM10
LatteWe really like the special design of the cup use here, it has two layer which help to prevent heat transmit to outer layer and burn your hand.

Frappe Green Tea Latte RM13
Frappe Green Tea Latte

Frappe Vanilla Blue Sky RM13
Frappe Vanilla Blue Sky

Wild Mushroom Soup RM9.90, a mixture of 3 different type of mushroom cook together which has creamy texture and full of mushroom aroma.
Mushroom Soup

Served together with mushroom soup is crunchy garlic bread. Garlic Bread

Homemade Tortilla with Special Hummus Dip RM15, nicely presented tortilla with hummus dip which is one of the  healthy food to consume, great starter.
Homemade Tortilla with Special Hummus Dip

Aglio Olio RM12.90 served with Bruschetta which has chopped mushroom and basil on top. Spaghetti is perfectly cook to al-dente, mixing with garlic, chili flake and olive oil making it taste good.
 Aglio Olio

Seafood al Pomodoro RM15.90, mushroom, muscle, scallop, fish, squid and prawn are the ingredients added to the tomato based spaghetti.
Seafood al Pomodoro

Grilled Salmon RM32 served with assorted vegetable and homemade lemon butter sauce which has some sourness and sauteed taste, it goes well with the perfectly grilled salmon.
Grilled Salmon

Authentic Tomyam Noodle RM8.90,  the soup is rich in flavor where spiciness and sourness is on the right level and the generous amount of seafood added for this price is well reasonable, the only complain I have is the instant noodle use which is not my liking.

Authentic Tomyam Noodle

Royal Curry Chicken RM14.90, one big pieces of chicken drumstick cook with thick curry gravy served with a bowl of soup. I love the thick curry gravy spiciness that has strong curry flavor with mild herb in it.
Royal Curry Chicken

Stew Drunken Chicken RM14.90, very strong chicken and herbal flavor but lack of alcoholic flavor, in which a little more wine added should help boost it flavor.
Stew Drunken Chicken

Coffee Cheesecake RM10, nice platting with a smiling face and wording, smooth texture and not too sweet which just right for us.
Coffee Cheesecake

Marble Cheesecake RM10
Marble Cheesecake

Mess Hall gathering with fellow blogger and restaurant owner.
Mess Hall

Mess Hall

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Mess Hall Cafe & Restaurant
4, Lebuh King, 10200 Georgetown Penang.
04 261 0019/018 370 3378
10.30am - 11pm daily

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