Rahim Mee Goreng

I been wanting to share about this hawker stall for quite sometime but I always forgot to take photo. Rahim Mee Goreng located at Air Itam Maybank (Beside Petron), you can easily see it in front of Kafe Deli Miu and always people stop in front his cart and waiting.

Every month I eat at least twice and sometime even more, been eating this hawker mee goreng since I move to Air Itam 20 years back. You can dine in at the kopitiam as well but normally i just pack home.
Rahim Mee Goreng

The Mee Goreng is just RM3 for small and RM3.50 for big, it is very reasonable as the portion is quite big. I like it pasembur as well but i did not have photo for it. You can try it out and share with me.
Rahim Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng cook with charcoal that has very good wok hei and flavor, i always ask to add some pasembur sauce which gave it some sweet taste. The noodle is perfectly cook and the cracker also very nice.
Rahim Mee Goreng

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Rahim Mee Goreng
Kafe Deli Miu (Beside Air Itam Maybank)
Around 1pm to 4pm

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