Sticks and Spoon Dim Sum Oriental Cafe Elite Avenue

Sticks and Spoon Oriental Cafe located at the new "shop lot + condo" Elite Avenue, as it still new so there is whole lot of parking space and free of charge. Sticks and Spoon is an oriental cafe serving dim sum with local delicacy such as fried rice and noodle. The restaurant is spaces and nicely decorated with comfortable seat.
Sticks and Spoons Oriental Cafe

Sticks and Spoons Oriental Cafe

Sticks and Spoons Oriental Cafe

Chinese Tea served are Pu Er, Jasmine Tea and Ti Guan Yim RM3.50 per pax with free refill, they provide individual pot so that you are not bond to only one tea type per table.
Chinese Tea

They do served other beverage as well if you not going after Tea.

Assorted Drinks
HK Style Beef Noodle RM13.80

HK Style Beef Noodle

HK Style Beef Noodle

XO Seafood Fried Rice RM11.80, it has very good wok hei and the fried rice is very fragrance and tasteful but we found it lack of XO flavor else it would be perfect.
XO Seafood Fried Rice

Steamed Chicken Chestnut and Chinese Sausage Rice RM13.80, generous amount of ingredients added into the big bowl of steamed rice, the chicken is very soft while the chestnut sweetness gave the rice good flavor.
Steamed Chicken Chestnut and Chinese Sausage Rice

Steamed Chicken Chestnut and Chinese Sausage Rice

Steamed Minced Pork and Salted Fish with Rice RM11.80, the pork meat is extremely soft and i found it too soft to my liking.
Steamed Minced Pork and Salted Fish with Rice

XO Sauce Loh Pao Gow RM8, stir fried radish cake with XO sauce.
XO Sauce Loh Pao Gow

Lau Sar Pao RM6, the salted egg custard bun is leaking out from the bun immediately after we open it, taste sweet with a little bit sauteed taste.
Lau Sar Pao

Lau Sar Pao

Chi ma Chou RM5.40, extremely crispy skin that fully cover with sesame and surprisingly inside fill with melting black sesame, it doesn't taste too sweet which is just nice for us.
Chi ma Chou

Chi ma Chou

Xiao Long Bao RM5.50, i believe this should be the most reasonable Xiao Long Bao i ever eat before, for just RM5.50 you got to enjoy 3 xiao long bao and the best thing is the xiao long bao taste so good.
Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Handmade Fish Ball RM4.50
Handmade Fish Ball

Yu Dan Siu Mai RM4.50, their siu mai totally different from most of the dim sum restaurant, their pork meat are in pieces which gave it a good bite texture and it taste delicious.
Yu Dan Siu Mai

Gi Ji Siu Mai RM4.50
Gi Ji Siu Mai

Spare Ribs RM4.80
Pork Ribs

Salad Prawn Puffs RM5.00, perfectly deep fried prawn puff stuff with fresh prawn is tasty.
Salad Prawn Puffs

Crispy Prawn Rolls RM5, deep fried to crispy skin bean curb fill with fresh prawn.
Crispy Prawn Rolls

Dragon Fruit Jelly RM4.50, one of the ladies favorite of the night is definitely this plate of Jelly. It taste sweet and sour with a little bit firm texture making it taste good.
Dragon Fruit Jelly

Kwai Fa Jelly RM4.50, pretty much the same texture as dragon fruit jelly but we found the kwai fa taste to be a little bit mild.
Kwai Fa Jelly

Sticks and Spoons Oriental Cafe

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Sticks & Spoon The Oriental Cafe
1-1-3A Elit Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
04 - 611 5657

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