Supper at Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato Penang

Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato which is one of the truly “Nasi Beratur”, the main reason we name it that way because the queue is always so long that you can easily wait more than 1 hour. The shop located inside Flat Taman Seri Damain, right opposite Batu Lanchang wet market so you can park at the market for free and there is whole lot of parking space available. It is very easy to identified the restaurant, right after the security guard house you will see people queuing and that is the only shop there. The shop start business around 10.30PM but queue start from 10PM, we arrive at 10.15PM and we are in the middle of queue.
Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

The other way to recognize the shop is to look at the colorful bulb. Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

The queue become much longer after us, this photo show the long queue before business start, you can see the long queue toward the far end.
Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

They give us the nasi tomato and you take your own dishes, see the crowd start grabbing their food and fill up their plate.
Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

Deep fried chicken using charcoal, that is something special here. Charcoal tend to give more heat which always good for deep fried.
Charcoal Fried Chicken

Honestly there is not much variety but definitely good enough for supper. There is deep fried chicken, fish, fried egg, curry chicken, squid, claim, prawn and some vegetable.
Nasi Tomato Dishes

Assorted Kuah

Fried Egg
Fried Egg

The must try Signature Deep Fried Chicken.
Deep Fried Chicken

Ikan Bilis
Assorted Curry Sauce

Assorted Curry which is best to mix all type.
Assorted Curry Sauce

4 of us order each a plate although we said to order only 2 plate to share before we go but looking at the queue we know must order 4 plate. Well, i think we make the right decision as the rice is not that big portion and the curry is extremely delicious.
Deep fried chicken with egg is RM5
Deep fried chicken + Deep fried chicken organ + Squid RM9

Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

Overall the price is acceptable, the curry taste sweet with mild spiciness but nasi tomato fragrance easily overpower by the gravy.
Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

It is still super long queue by the time we leave around 12am. By the way, some of their dishes will finish up early such as squid which they won’t cook more but they will continue to provide deep fried chicken till midnight, if you want to try more variety then be there early.
Batu Lanchang Nasi Tomato

Map to the shop.

map batu lanchang nasi tomato

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Flat Taman Seri Damai, Lintang Batu Lanchang, Batu Lanchang, 11600 Penang.
10.30pm – 2.00am

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