Uncle Chee Muah Chee Queensbay Mall Jusco


We are walking around looking for some snack and found this Uncle Chee Muah Chee at Queensbay Mall Jusco Food area, the shop theme with green color with a couple of chair and side table for dine in. Serving 4 different flavor of Muah Chee, which is Original, Yam, Corn and Pandan. Orignal RM3.50 while the rest RM4. Uncle Chee muah chee

All pretty much look the same except the Pandan Muah Chee which is green in color and that attracted us. We order one Pandan Muah Chee for RM4, it came with whole lot of peanut and black sesame, the Muah Chee has mild pandan flavor but extremely chewy and sticky which is very nice and taste exactly what we looking for, the generous amount of peanuts is very fresh and crunchy with the right level of sugar making it taste very good.

Uncle Chee muah chee

Uncle Chee muah chee

If you buy 3 boxes then it just RM10, price is reasonable as the portion is quite big.

Uncle Chee muah chee

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Uncle Chee Muah Chee, LG Queensbay Mall

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