Money Houz Cafe with Dart Machine at Jalan Nagore

Money Houz Cafe located at Jalan Nagore, it can be easily spotted with the dollar symbol signboard. You can park at Nagore Square parking lot or New World Park and walk over, it not too far and much cheaper parking at New World Park. "Money" theme was use in Money Houz Cafe as everyone like money and they do hope dine in customer bring some luck back after visit their cafe.
Money Houz

OMG, they cage the money.
moneyhouz8 (4)

Full of $$$ decoration within the restaurant. Live band performance on every Friday and Saturday starting from 9.30pm, a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax.
Money Houz

Money Houz

$$ sign all over the cafe.
Money Houz

Table top are fill with money money money, how good if they put in some real money. LOL.
Money Houz

While on second floor there is a big space for comfortable seat with dart machine, it can be cater for private function with no extra charges. While the dart game is RM2 per person per game which is reasonable as most of the shop charge RM5. We really enjoy playing the dart game here, it not noisy as like other pubs instead it like a private room within ourself. Few days later i bring my friends there just to play dart game for fun.
Money Houz Dart Machine

Money Houz Dart Machine

Money Houz Dart Machine

Money Houz Dart Machine

Hot Chocolate Hazelnut, we use to drink Hazulnut White Coffee but this is the first time we heard of Hot Chocolate with Hazulnut, something special that you can get it here.
Hot chocolate hazelnut

Mocha, nicely done Mocha with nice coffee art.

Cappuccino with cute little Mickey on top, such a lovely coffee art.

Mixed Berries Smoothie, a mixture of various berries that taste sourish and sweet.
Mixed berries smoothie

Apple Rose Flower Tea, according to the owner high quality of flower tea are fully import and it has better aroma. The apple and rose combination create some sourish taste that is very nice.
Apple rose flower tea

Shepherd's Pie, instead of normal baked potato this Shepherd's Pie has one layer of marinated beef at the bottom and cover up with potato then baked to perfection, served with home made sauce.
Shepherd's pie

Houz Salad, fresh crunchy vegetable served with flavorful dressing.
Houz salad

Baked Cheese Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, juicy chicken meat grilled to perfection then top with a layer of cheese and mushroom sauce.
Baked cheese chicken with mushroom sauce

Grilled Salmon with Tomato Salsa Sauce, one big piece of salmon grilled to perfection then top with special home made tomato salsa sauce which has very strong flavor.
Grilled salmon with tomato salsa sauce

Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Suace served with potato and vegetable. The sauce goes well with the tender chicken drum stick.
 Roasted chicken with mushroom sauce

Chicken Thermidor, grilled chicken top with creamy mushroom sauce.
Chicken thermidor

Ispahan, nicely presented dessert that has big macaroon fill with strawberry and cream in between.

Belgium Cheese, seasonal cake that specially created for Chinese New Year. Their dessert is less sugar so this cake is not too sweet which is just nice.
Belgium cheese

Bring back some luck by taking free lucky coin at the cashier counter.
lucky coin

2015 Valentine Menu from Money Houz

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Money houz
Address: 77 Nagore Road 10050 Penang
04-226 3068
Monday - Thursday & Sunday 12pm - 12am
Friday - Saturday 12pm - 1am

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