Tacology Mexican Food with Fresh Taco and Burrito at Tanjung Bungah

Tacology Mexican Food located inside Rose Garden, wait…Rose Garden? Yea, it is inside rose garden but instead of a garden it is a restaurant with Rose Garden as it name, you still enjoy great environment with nicely planted tree but not rose. Anyhow, our food review today is Mexican food which we learn quite well during our 3 months stay in US last year. We do really enjoy the super value for money burrito at Chipotle and we miss it so much.

Quesadilla with Chicken RM7.99, Quesadilla is flour tortilla that make round and flat then pan fried without oil to crispy and chewy texture, it then fill with marinated chicken and egg with mayonnaise.


Generous filling Quesaddila that has crispy skin with flavorful filling. Quesadilla

Hard Taco and Burrito
Mexican Food at Tacology

Hard Taco with Sea Bass Fish RM9.99, deep fried tortilla fold into half and fill with assorted vegetable and deep fried fresh sea bass fish, normally Taco are fill with beef, chicken, pork but this is the first time i ate a Taco that fill with fish meat, it has very special texture and the fish is extremely fresh and flavorful.

Crispy skin

Beef Burrito RM8.99, perfectly marinated beef with corn and rice fill in Burrito role that give a mouthful bite is extreme satisfaction. Instead of beef, you may opt for Chicken or Beans (Vegetarian) Burrito but for us, we will choose the Beef as it has very great taste.

Churros with Duice de Leche Caramel Dip RM3.99, “Duice de Leche” is special home made dipping sauce that has mild milk and caramel sweet taste, Churros is make on the spot to which is very crispy.

Tocology Mexican Food

Rose Garden located right opposite of Flamingo hotel, if you coming from Gurney, the shop is on your left before traffic light.
Tocology Mexican Food

Tocology Mexican Food

Comfortable outdoor seating area.Tocology Mexican Food

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22 (inside Rose Garden food center), Jalan Tanjung Bungah Tanjung Bungah 11200
016-464 6622

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