The Olive Restaurant and The Beach Bar Jalan Penang

The Olive Restaurant and The Beach Bar located along Jalan Penang are operated under same management. The Olive Restaurant are cater for food dining and bar while The Beach Bar focus on bar only. The restaurant is spaces with outdoor seating available, offering great variety of Indian and Western food.
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Olive's Paneer Pasanda Pakora RM20, two layer of cheese sandwich deep fried to perfection served with home made sauce.
Olive's Paneer Pasanda Pakora

Party Platter, extremely big portion platter strictly for sharing. It consist of mushroom puff, fried chicken wings, sausage, fries, deep fried mozzarella cheese stick and fresh salad.
Party Platter

BBQ Chicken Leg RM24, perfectly grill chicken drumstick with tender texture garnished with fresh vegetable and special sauce.
BBQ Chicken Leg

Diavola RM24, thin crust pizza fill with beef pepperoni, chicken sausage, jalapeno, mozzarella and cheddar cheese.


Murg Tikka Butter Masala RM31, boneless chicken cook in Indian curry that has very strong spices and herbs flavor, chicken meat is very soft and fully absorb the Indian curry flavor.
Murg Tikka Butter Masala

Daal Ganga Jamuna RM14, combination of two different daal. This dish name after India largest river Ganga in northern India, where land are seperated by the big river as how this dish was presented.
Daal Ganga Jamuna

Bread Platter RM16, assorted type of naan served in this big platter than definitely enough to fill a few adult stomach, it best take with the Daal Ganga Jamuna or Murg Tikka Butter Masala. Garlic Naan, Peashawari Naan, Stuffed Kulcha and Mint Prantha are found in this platter.
Bread Platter

Salmon Steak RM36, thick cut of Salmon grilled to perfection garnish with potato wedges and fresh vegetable.
Salmon Steak

Chicken Burger RM22, I will call this American size burger as it too big for Asian to finish. Thick patty with assorted slice vegetable served with french fries.
Chicken Burger

Saffron Rice RM16, long grain rice cook with butter and saffron that taste extremely delicious. Saffron as one of the most expensive spices on earth, it has very unique fragrance that no word can explain.
Saffron Rice

Afghani Mixed Tandoori RM75, another big platter that has prawn, fish, chicken and lamb cook in Tandoori style. Protein are marinated with sauces then cook to perfection.
Afghani Mixed Tandoori

Second floor interior decoration of The Olive Restauarnt + Bar.
Olive Kitchen Bar

Olive Kitchen Bar

Olive Kitchen Bar

First floor of the restaurant with big bar counter, indoor and outdoor seating.
The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar

We went next door The Beach Bar for second round, it has very good audio system and extremely comfortable seating area.
The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar

The 3 ladies, Silly Jenn, LayGin and HuiHui just can't stop taking photo. The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar

HH enjoying selfie all the time...zzz...

The Beach Bar

Another girl enjoy taking photo but instead of selfie, she always ask us to take photo for her. Let introduce "Silly Jenn Hobo".The Beach Bar

We did enjoy our night at The Beach Bar with the awesome drinks.

Starwberry Magarita
Starwberry magarita

Long Island Tea
Long island

Singapore Sling
Singapore sling

Sex On The Beach
Sex on the beach

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Lychee Martini
Lychee martini

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Olive Kitchen + Bar / The Beach Bar
3J Jalan Penang Rd, Penang Island 10000, Malaysia

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