Great Western and Italian Food at Pizzaiola Prangin Mall

Pizzaiola located at basement of Prangin Mall along with Saffron and Imperial Chinese Cuisine are all newly open restaurant occupying the whole sub basement floor. The whole area has been fully renovated to look classy and upscale, we dine at Saffron on valentine and week later we visit Pizzaiola. While we browse through the menu we saw some interesting discount offer here, on selected day 50% discount on main dishes and that valid for whole day. Here is the list of discount item every day.

Monday:Mongolian king prawn pasta RM19.90
Tuesday:Mongolian Cheese Mango Pizza RM14.40
Wednesday:Italian Duck Risotto Ball RM19.90
Thursday:Seafood Symphony RM19.90
Friday:Satay Chicken Pizza RM13.40
Saturday:Mint Bear Coffee RM5.40
Sunday:Salted Caramel Coffee RM7.90

Cozy decoration with nice table setup and arrangement that gave a upscale restaurant feeling.
Pizzaiola Prangin Mall

Pizzaiola Prangin Mall

Hot drink served here such as Mocha and Chocolate Mint are nicely design with latte art.

Hot Mocha RM7.90
Hot mocha

Hot Chocolate Mint RM8.90
Hot chocolate mint

Hot Chocolate Mint Bear RM6.40
Hot chocolate mint bear

Tiramisu Latte RM9.90
Tiramisu latte

Passion Lemon Booster RM10.90
Passion lemon booster

Mango Yogurt RM9.90
Mango yogurt

Classic Caesar Salad RM10.80, fresh vegetable such as lettuce served together with onion, tomato, olive top with cheese and seasoning making this simple dish refreshing. It is great to kick start our engine for whole lot more food that we going to consume later.
Classic caesar salad

Chicken Wings RM9.80, 3 pieces of chicken wing marinated and fried to perfection, it taste sauteed with mild spiciness.
Chicken wings

Turkey Bacon Stuffed Potato RM9.80, half cut potato fill with cheese and seasoning top with bacon then grilled to a little bit char and crispy. Cheese and Bacon flavor are well balanced with the potato, it is quite a heavy starter for one person so sharing is highly recommended.
Turkey bacon stuffed potato

Cabonara Unagi RM18.80, one of the signature dish. Pasta is nicely cook and the Cabonara sauce is creamy and smooth, topping with Unagi is something special that I never see before but end up it is a good combination.
Cabonara unagi

BBQ Chicken Risotto RM16.80, this is the type of Risotto I try before, a little bit wet and creamy. Risotto cook with assorted mushroom and top with perfectly grilled BBQ Chicken that is so juicy and flavorful.
BBQ chicken risotto

Baked Risotto with Unagi RM20.80, my experience told that Risotto should be a little bit wet but this Risotto tends to be a little bit dry probably due to the baking process that dry it up. It is covered with cream sauce and mozzarella cheese which is rich in flavor while the Unagi is fresh and delicious.
Baked risotto with unagi

Gamberi Arrabiata RM15.80, another special dishes introduce by the great chef. Taste to me like Asian influence Italian food, the spicy sauce has pretty strong herb flavor and what we like the most is the perfectly deep fried prawn that is so sweet and juicy. I should put a big highlight on the price, for just RM15.80 we got to enjoy the 3 big fresh prawn with reasonable portion of pasta as well.
Gamberi arrabiata

Mongolian King Prawn Pasta RM19.90, this is half price item on Monday where two big tiger prawn are deep fried to golden color served with Mongolian flavor pasta and the small bowl of dipping sauce taste just wonderful.
Mongolian king prawn pasta

Pizzaiola Pizza RM48.80, a combination of Teriyaki Unagi, Spicy Seafood, Beef Pepperoni and BBQ Chicken topping Pizza that definitely more than enough for 4 adult. At first we thought topping make the different but we are wrong, indeed the paste of each flavor are totally different, it has a completely 4 different taste which either spicy, sweet or sauteed. Very generous amount of cheese being add on to each and every part of the Pizza that make it so cheesy and that is my favorite.
Pizzaiola pizza

Pizzaiola pizza

Last but not least, a few plate of dessert is a must when there is a couple of ladies on table.
Tiramisu RM8.80 served in a special cup that look so "ladies", balanced flavor but not strong enough to my liking.

Lava Cake RM15.80 warm and smooth lava cake served with a big scope of vanilla ice cream.
 Lava cake

Pizzaiola Prangin Mall

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Pizzaiola@Lot 33
Address: 33-SB-03 Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 250 5501/012 465 5299
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily

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