Nice Cheese Ribs Pool at Love Bites Fusion Cuisine Nagore Road

Recently we visited a few restaurant at Nagore Road, this street has become food street since so many restaurant are operated here. We been visit LaMeiZi and Money Houz before that and today Love Bites Fuisine Cuisine. I am always wanted to visit Love Bites for their Cheese Pool that served with big portion of pork ribs that look to be so delicious.
Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

We have 3 cup of yogurt drink that are made from home made yogurt with fresh fruits such as honey dew, mint and orange. The yogurt well balanced in term of sourness and sweetness, very smooth drink and refreshing.
Honey Dew Yogurt RM10.80
Honey Dew Yogurt

Mint Yogurt RM10.80
Mint Yogurt

Orange Yogurt RM10.80
Orange Yogurt

Ribs Cheese Pool RM68, i once saw this at Korea and never know we have such interesting dish in Malaysia as well. I believe it should be influence by Korea, anyhow we are glad it was here ready for us to try. The big portion show is for two person which i think is quite big for ladies but for couple maybe no problem. Two big pieces of Ribs that is perfected marinated and grilled to perfection, served with big bowl of cheese and assorted vegetable.
Ribs Cheese Pool

It also came with 3 side dishes.
Side Dishes

A plastic glove will be provided to fully enjoy tearing the tender yet juicy ribs apart.
Pork Ribs

Dipping pork ribs with the cheese sauce is so wonderful, the cheese sauce taste mild sourness and cheesy.
Pork Ribs

Remember not to finish all the cheese as you can request to add on rice and fried it with the cheese sauce, trust me. It is one of the best, very flavorful and delicious.
Cheese Fried Rice

Seafood Lava Pool RM88, soup based are tomato with assorted vegetable that taste very close to "Loh Song Tong 罗宋汤", inside the big bowl there is abalone, crab, fish meat, prawn, scallop with corn and broccoli. Other than seafood, you can choose to have Chicken (RM58 Small or RM108 Large) or Ribs (RM6 Small or RM128 Large).
Seafood Lava Pool

Side dishes that came with Seafood Lave Pool.
Side Dishes

Sunrise Crepe (De Ultimate) RM21.80, home made wholemeal crepe distinguish them from others, it is much more healthier and crispy. Topping are egg, vegetable, mushroom, bacon and ham.
Sunrise Crepe

English Muffin RM15.80, a very special "burger" that has home made patty with egg and cheese. English muffin is toast to very crispy texture, pork patty a little bit too small as it really delicious, served with fresh vegetable.
English Muffin

Baked Omelette (De Ultimate) RM18.80, this is not normal omelette that you get at hotel breakfast instead they make it special. The omelette has pretty much the same ingredients as usual omelette but they baked it and make the bottom a little bit crunchy. It really stand out as we all agree that it is really good and special..
Baked Omelette

Danish Crunch Pizza (Sea Fusion) RM28.80, normally pizza crust are pretty much the same across the globe but here they use croissant as their pizza bottom that is something special. Assorted fresh vegetable added as topping along with Ebiko and olive oil, honey and balsamic vinegar. It is indeed very crispy and refreshing but personally i find it a little bit too sweet.
Danish Crunch Pizza

Love Bites Toast is something not to miss, the toast are so special that they have vendor to specially make it for them, it not plain toast instead the toast itself already have some flavor, mild milk taste. We tested Chocolate and Strawberry toast and both impress us.

Choco Pyramid Toast RM18.80 top with chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse and custard.
Choco Pyramid Toast

Strawberry Pyramid Toast RM18.80 top with vanilla ice cream, panna cotta and custard.
Strawberry Pyramid Toast

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Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
11,Nagore Road,
Georgetown 10050 Penang.
9am - 3pm ;6pm - 11pm
Closed on Tuesday

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