Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle near Gama Jalan Dato Keramat

Recently Penang has so many boat noodle restaurant where each bowl of noodle are sell for RM1.80 to RM2 each, surrounding friends always show they eating 10 to 20 bowls in Facebook and that make me wanna try as well. It seem like a new trends to served in small portion. Today we visit Patsa Thai Thai that located at the same stretch as Gama for a "couple" of boat noodle. Parking can be found beside Gama or at the road side, there is plenty of car park available at night.
Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle Shop

Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle Shop

Patsa Thai Thai doesn't served Pork or Beef as they are targeting to Thai Muslim customer, with that said Chicken is the only sauce of sweetness and they make a good use of it.
Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle Shop

Typical Thai sauce with sugar, you can add this to your bowl for extra flavor.
Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle Shop

3 type of drink available and 2 of them are 100Plus and Coke, for sure we try the last option Matum Water RM2, the water is special cook by chef for many hours, according to him this is a very healthy drink.
Clay Cup

Papaya Salty Egg Salad RM20, you can choose the level of spiciness but i highly recommended Level 3 which is a little bit spicy but not overpower other flavor. The owner recommended we to try the Original Thai flavor which maybe taste a little bit fishy due to Fish Sauce but if you can't take the fishy taste then you can ask for the Local version. Anyhow, for us we try the Original Thai version with Level 3 spiciness and we think that is the perfect combination, spicy, sour with papaya crunchy texture making it taste good.
Papaya Salty Egg Salad

Fill up our table with Boat Noodle.
Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle

The menu for Boat Noodle is pretty straight forward, one type of soup based, dry or soup with 3 type of noodle namely Kuey Teow, Mee Hoon and Glass Noodle. The ingredients include are chicken ball, special make chicken that blended together with soft bone to give it some texture. The soup is rich in flavor and exactly the same taste as the one we try in Bangkok road side.
Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle

Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle

Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle

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Patsa Thai Thai Shop
29C, Jalan Dato Kramat,
10150 Penang.

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