The Islander at Hotel Jen Georgetown Penang

Hotel Jen, a newly renovated hotel formerly known as Traders Hotel, under new branding the hotel target customer are youngster and their design has become more trendy as well. The Islander Restaurant located at the lobby are now serving a la carte menu which most of it are local delicacy but due to the demand from foreigner for western food so now they are lauching a new series of menu that consist of Local and Western food, lead by Executive Chef B. Sivasegaran.
Jen Hotel Penang

Executive Chef B. Sivasegaran

Brushetta RM17, red and yellow tomato garnished with olive oil, salt and pepper served on top of crispy butter rubbed grilled bread.


Arugula Salad RM16, we use to taste Arugula as Pizza topping before and we really love it so much, surprisingly not much Arugula being as salad in Malaysia or i never came across. I am glad to taste the Arugula salad here that came with great honey sesame dressing.
Arugula Salad

Grilled Burger RM20 served with fresh vegetable, french frieds and coleslaw. Special made vegetarian patty that mix together couscous, potatoes and herbs with seasoning. Fluffy bun with vegetarian patty added with cheese, slice tomato and lettuce, we found it to be a little bit dry, it should be good if BBQ sauce(any for vegetarian?) being added.
Grilled Burger

Grilled Burger

Pan Fried Stuffed Aubergine RM45, another vegetarian dishes that are so special in flavor and texture. Eggplant being use a base topping with couscous, cheese and breadcrumb, soaked in extremely flavorful smoked tomato puree.
Pan Fried Stuffed Aubergine

Chicken Rosmarino RM53, if you notice that is not a piece of chicken drumstick or breast instead it is whole spring chicken, spring chicken tends to have a lot of small bones so they make it boneless, that is a great move. Spring Chicken is marinated and grilled to perfection top with rosemary and balsamic vinegar sauce.
Chicken Rosmarino

Baked Trapia RM48, one whole Trapia fish garnished with onion, tomato, olive and assorted herbs wrapped with aluminium foil then cook to perfection, it contain the fish juiciness and the add on ingredients enhance it overall flavor, best thing is no muddy taste coming from the fish. Personally i found the sauce to be a bit watery.
Baked Trapia

Baked Trapia

Lamb Osso Buco RM58, i voted this to be the best dish. I just like the big portion of lamb shank that special selected to be around 400 gram by chef. Lamb shank is slow cook with wine, fresh vegetable and broth to create the tender yet flavorful meat. It easily falling off bone and mashed potato that has strong butter flavor mixing well with each other.
Lamb Osso Buco

Tiramisu Pancake RM20, for typical Tiramisu lady finger will be use a the key ingredients but Chef tweak it with Pancake, an extremely fluffy Pancake that soak with Expresso. Each layer are then fill with mascarpone cheese, cream and butterscotch sauce. It not too sweet and we really enjoy it.
Tiramisu Pancake

Jen's Signature RM18, multi layer mud pie that fill with different flavor ice cream such as chocolate and white chocolate then cover with caramel sauce, served with pickle berries and fresh strawberries.
Jen's Signature

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Hotel Jen Penang
Magazine Road, George Town, 10300 Penang
Tel: 04 2622622

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