Tomyum Noodle at De'Corner Kitchen Tanjung Tokong

Tomyum is always ours favorite, we just love to eat Tomyum and whenever we hear there is a new Tomyum shop, we will be there. Today we are here at De'Corner Kitchen located opposite Viva Food Court, very near to Four Point by Sheraton.The restaurant is nicely decorated to have a very comfortable outdoor seating although it might be a little bit warm if you go early but 8pm onward very windy so not a problem to seat outdoor.
De' Corner Kitchen

De' Corner Kitchen

De' Corner Kitchen

De' Corner Kitchen

Inside the restaurant there is one nice Coffee Counter with a few table.
De' Corner Kitchen

De' Corner Classic RM11.90 is their signature drink that consist of secret ingredients that make the coffee taste different, it doesn't has very strong coffee aroma but it has very balanced flavor and the thick form, yes very thick form that make it special.
De' Corner Classic

Vanilla Crushp RM13.90 and Lemon & Lime Iced Blended RM10.90
Vanilla Crushp Lemon & Lime Iced Blended

Chocolate Banana RM13.90 and Oreonese RM13.90
Chocolate Banana Oreonese

Iced Coffee RM12.90 and Blackcurrant RM9.90
Iced Coffee Blackcurrant

decornerkitc (39)

Moving to our anticipated Tomyum, whole lot of different ingredients up for selection such as mushroom, vegetable, fish ball, fish meat...etc.
Steamboat Ingredients

Steamboat Ingredients

According to the owner, they hire Thailand chef to prepare their Tomyum soup in which you get to try the most authentic tomyum soup here. The Tomyum soup taste quite spicy and sourish but it definitely rich in flavor and easily be one of the best Tomyum we try before. Assorted noodle up for selection such as instant noodle, flat noodle, vermicelli (bee hun) or fusilli which is something special here. Anyhow, i still prefer vermicelli or instant noodle as it always the best combination.
De' Corner TomYam

De' Corner TomYam

De' Corner TomYam

On top of the signature Tomyum noodle, there is quite a variety of western food as well.
Miss Nyonya RM15.00, assorted vegetable on the bottom with perfectly grilled chicken meat on top, topping with Thai sweet sauce. Nice food presentation, chicken is juicy and the sweet sauce making it taste good.
Miss Nyonya

Corner Classic RM15.00, grilled chicken meat top with lemongrass sauce, served with mashed potato, salad and wedges. The specialty of this dishes is definitely the lemongrass sauce that has a hint of lemongrass with creamy texture that match perfectly with the grilled chicken.
Corner Classic

Black Pepper Jumbo RM15.00, deep fried chicken top with black pepper sauce served with mashed potato and salad.
Black Pepper Jumbo

Mr. Bombay RM15.00, an Indian influence western food. Perfectly grilled chicken served with mashed potato, wedges and fresh vegetable top with spicy sauce.
Mr. Bombay

Spaghetti Aglio Olio RM15.00, a combination of mushroom, onion, garlic, chicken ham spaghetti cook with olive oil, we found the taste to be a little bit normal and we believe there is still room for improvements.
Spaghetti Aglio Olio

The Harvest RM12.90, nicely plated dessert cup with banana, ice cream (you can choose what type of ice cream you want), cornflakes, almond, oreo and oats.
The Harvest

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De' Corner Kitchen
502J, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia
016-406 4896
5 pm 1:30 am on Monday Thursday
12 pm 1:30 am on Friday Sunday

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