Beep Beep Q Barbecue Buffet Restaurant Bangkok Lane Penang

Beep Beep Q Restaurant located at Bangkok Lane where the famous mee goreng located. Ample of parking space available along Bangkok Lane on evening time, remember to put parking ticket. The restaurant are fill with automotive part where the owner get it from friends and himself has great interest as well. The restaurant offer a-la-carte or buffet, buffet are made-to-order for just RM60 with wide selection of protein, vege and seafood.
Beep Beep Q Restaurant Bangkok Lane

Beep Beep Q Restaurant Bangkok Lane

Beep Beep Q Restaurant Bangkok Lane

Beep Beep Q Restaurant Bangkok Lane

Outdoor seating area.
Beep Beep Q Restaurant Bangkok Lane

The Barbecue Buffet for Adult RM60 nett and RM30 for Kids (6-12 Years).
Barbeque are done by the owner, customer just wait and eat. Great service.



Free flow of water, soup, mash potato and salad.
Onion and Celery Soup
onion soup

Mash Potato that grind with potato skin, i love the rich flavor and a little bit salty taste from the potato skin.
mash potato

Fresh Vegetable Salad that came with carrot, purple cabbage, lettuce and tomato.
vegetable salad

Mix Grilled Vege, this plate came with crispy yam, brocolli, eggplant, zuchinni and sweet corn. We love the crispy yam as it is really crispy and topping with sweet sauce making it taste like a snack. Eggplant also my favorite where outer part crispy and soft inside.
bbq vegetable

Grilled Mango & Banana, top with sweet honey sauce. That is something new that we never try before, grilled mango seem to be odd but after first bite the sour and sweet mango make some good flavor after all, big surprise to us.
bbq mango and banana

Bacon Wrapped with Enoki Mushroom, I voted this as the best dish of the night where the bacon is perfectly cook to flavor and the enoki mushroom texture make both a great combination, it is very good.
Bacon Wrap mushroom

Thai Style Fish *Pre Order*, another highly recommended dish where the fish is cook with a lot of lemongrass and salt as seasoning. The fish is pretty big in size and perfectly cook, fish meat very moist and absorb the lemongrass flavor, topping with the special made dipping sauce make it taste awesome. *Not included in buffet, RM30 each*
Thai Style Fish

Thai Style Fish

Special made dipping sauce that has garlic, chili and lemon in it.
Thai Style Fish Sauce

Barbecue Wild Mushroom season with herbs.
bbq mushroom

Porkloin Chop, grilled with homemade sweet honey sauce. Personally the sweet sauce apply on the pork is way too much, the sweet sauce overpower the pork flavor and too sweet for my liking.
bbq porkloin chop

Spicy Chicken Wing coated with a lot of herbs, the chicken wing is nicely marinated and tender soft.
bbq marinated chicken wing

Grilled Prawn, simple but delicious. Although the prawn is a little bit small but it is not overcook, well maintain the prawn juiciness and the special made sauce play into a key role again, we are just in love with the sauce as it goes well with all dishes.
bbq prawn

Sirloin Steak
bbq sirloin steak

bbq sirloin steak

bbq sirloin steak

Grilled Squid
bbq squid

Grilled Chicken Thigh with black pepper and barbecue sauce, debone chicken grilled to perfection then top with black pepper and barbecue sauce.
bbq chicken

Barbecue Lamb Shoulder, very generous portion of lamb served to our table, well cook lamb shoulder top with the sweet sauce and pineapple. The lamb is tender and not chewy, great amount of sauce apply make it taste very good.
bbq lamb

Jumbo Sausage with barbecue sauce, I like the long sausage compare to the smaller sausage as it flavor suit my taste bud more.
bbq sausage

Grilled Fish, dory fish top with garlic butter sauce.
bbq griled fish

Sweet Potato, we can smell the potato fragrance from far. Sweet potato is my all time favorite, normally I wrap with aluminium foil and put in into oven, rarely got a chance to barbecue. Seem like barbecue sweet potato taste as well. Yummy.
bbq sweet potato

bbq sweet potato

Last but not least the star of the shop, cute little doggy.
Cute Dog

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Beep Beep Q Restaurant
Address: 11, Lorong Bangkok, 10250 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 17-754 1228
6 pm to 10: 30 pm
Opens Daily

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