Empire Sushi First Avenue Penang

Empire Sushi located at Level 4 of First Avenue Penang, focusing on Sushi only the small shop offer wide range of sushi ranging from egg, vegetable to sashimi. No dining table for your to dine in instead it only pack and go, sushi are price from RM1 onward which is very reasonable, slightly cheaper than Sushi King.

The queue is pretty long on the payment counter, everyone is picking up one whole tray of sushi.
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Overall we are impress with the variety of Sushi and taste pretty good as well. Rice is nicely cook with mild vinegar sourness and ingredients is fresh as well, we try a couple and all above our expectation. The great thing is you can combine as many as your want, unlike sushi king you must have at least 2 or 4 in one plate.
Empire Sushi First Avenue Penang

Empire Sushi First Avenue Penang

Empire Sushi First Avenue Penang

Empire Sushi First Avenue Penang

Empire Sushi First Avenue Penang

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Empire Sushi
4-06A, 1st Avenue Mall, 182, Jalan Magazine, Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia

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2 thoughts on “Empire Sushi First Avenue Penang

  1. Sushi is nice but the cashier not friendly 😨 l see the customer just slow skit bayar duit bagi cashier tu muka dia mcm nak marah and muka hitam……. juga borak2 dgn staff lain and ketawa kat depan customer tu… memang mcm x hormat dia… l think the aunty tu tdk faham mrk ckp apa tapi pun x bleh buat mcm tu. I hope k the cashier and staff lain need to changes the way to improve their service and attitude.

  2. i nak komen jugak pasal diorang ni , one of them , yang ajet sakit telinga , or tak dengar , i order sushi 1 dia kasi 2 , patutlah mahal kemain , dah la i beli memang budget yg i ada je , nak merasai 1 je haaa , dia gatal letak dua.. xfriendly n bad service lahhhhhh

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