Farquhar Mansion Afternoon Tea/High Tea

Few weeks back we visited Farquhar Mansion Lounge and enjoy our night, this round we visit during hi-tea for a quick break. Hi-Tea served between 3pm to 5pm (Except Monday), RM98++ 2pax and RM138++ 3pax. One day reservation are required as all dishes are freshly prepared.

Best thing to dine in Farquhar Mansion is the private room, if you have a few peoples dine together then you may ask for a private room like us where we can have fun walking around taking selfie and “making some noise”. We have a room for 8 and it is extremely cozy and comfortable.
Farquhar Mansion

Farquhar Mansion

Ronnedeldt Tea are included in the package, 7 different flavor English Tea such as English Breakfast, Earl Gray, Jasmine Gold, Refreshing Mint, Sweet Berry, Cream Orange, and Fruity White are up for selection. We highly recommended “Fruity White” which is white tea with pear and peach, it is the most refreshing and great flavor we all agree on. Sweet Berries come next, the great balanced of sourness from strawberry and raspberry is another good choice.
Ronnenfeldt Tea Bag

Ronnenfeldt Tea Bag

Ronnenfeldt Tea Bag

Other than Tea you may choose to have a cup of House Special Pour Over Drip Coffee, strict control of water temperature with high quality of coffee bean to ensure the best quality of coffee. Highly suggested to try the coffee without milk or sugar as the pure coffee doesn’t taste too bitter or sour and it is very smooth with strong coffee aroma.
Pour Over Coffee

Pour Over Coffee

Finally 3 tier afternoon tea set served and we all very impressed by the nicely crafted tableware. Always start from the lowest tier sauteed finger food follow by middle tier scone and pastry, finish up top tier with dessert or chocolate.
Farquhar Mansion Hi Tea

Lowest Tier included the Crispy Air Dry Duck Breast with Black Cavier, Tandori Chicken Open-Sandwich, Potato Pancake topped with Smoked Salmon and Ikura and Freshly Baked Wild-Mushroom Quiche. Quiche is our favorite among the lowest tier as it has very strong mushroom taste and the crunchy pastry crust gave a good bite texture. Tandori Chicken Sandwich has great local flavor where it has curry and herb mix flavor served on bread is nice.
Tandori Chicken Open Sandwich

Middle Tier are in house pastry such as House Special English Scones complete with homemade clotted cream and raspberry jam, Mix Berries Muffins, Chocolate Au Pain. The scone has firm texture, apply with raspberry jam to it making it taste nice. Chocolate Au Pain texture like croissant where thousands crispy skin forming the external layer and it has very strong butter fragrance, chocolate filling that has mild sweetness and bitter taste in it are very delicious.
Pain Au Chocolat

While on the top Tier are Lemon shooter, Mont Blanc, Carrot Cake, and Chocolate Yuzu Truffle. Lemon shooter is one of the best as it taste sourish that help to digest those filling dishes we have in previous two tier and the balanced of chocolate sweetness with lemon sourness is just nice. Chocolate Yuzu Truffle is another sourish dessert that make from Yuzu fruits, strawberry and chocolate.
Lemon Shooter,Mont Blanc,Carrot Cake,Chocolate Yuzu Truffle

Photo, Selfie…etc non stop photography. That is how we spend of great afternoon hanging out together and make fun of each others.
Blogger Hi Tea at Farquhar Mansion

Blogger Hi Tea at Farquhar Mansion

Blogger Hi Tea at Farquhar Mansion

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Farquhar Mansion

No. 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.

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