Fried Ice Cream at Street Art Cafe Lebuh Cina Penang

Street Art Cafe located at Lebuh Cina Penang, just few street away from Guan Yin Temple, after praying at Guan Yin Temple you may walk across the street and dine at Street Art Cafe and enjoy a cup of Thailand Fried Ice Cream.
Street Art Cafe Penang Lebuh Cina

The restaurant has very nice "Graffiti". "BOJIO"
Street Art Cafe Penang Lebuh Cina

Street Art Cafe Penang Lebuh Cina

They use ice cream stick as decoration as well.
Street Art Cafe Penang Lebuh Cina

Street Art Cafe Penang Lebuh Cina

Cappuccino RM8.9

Mocha RM9.90

Latte RM8.90

Ice Blended Green Tea Latte RM11.90 and Ice Blended Dark Chocolate RM11.90
Ice Blended Green Tea Latte Iced Blended Dark Chocolate

Dragon Fruit Smoothies RM11.90
Dragon Fruit Smoothies

Passion Fruit Smoothies RM11.90
Passion Fruit Smoothies

Club Sandwich RM13.90, toasted bread sandwich with egg, cheese and ham served with fresh vegetable salad.
Club Sandwich

No Name RM14.90, signature dish that mixed all well known pasta in one bowl, combination of Bolognese, Carbonara and Aglio Olio. It is extremely creamy.
No Name

Flaming Tuna RM13.90, very thick tomato puree cook with tuna. How come I never thought of this kind of combination, it is simple and yet the sourness of tomato and tuna mix extremely well.
Flaming Tuna

Aglio Olio RM13.90, one of my favorite pasta is definitely Aglio Olio where pasta are cook with olive oil and assorted ingredients such as squid, prawn, ham and mushroom with a little bit dry chili flake making it taste awesome.
Aglio Olio

Croissant with Scrambled Egg RM12.90, the special made scrambled egg make this dish stand out, the egg is extremely flavorful and the crispy croissant, cheese and ham make the overall combination a great texture and taste.
Croissant with Scrambled Egg

Tuna Sandwich RM10.90, mix of tuna with seasoning as filling for sandwich, plenty of tuna fill between the toasted bread served with fresh vegetable salad.
Tuna Sandwich

Monte Cristo RM12.90, very simple dish that great for breakfast, a combination of cheese and ham.
Monte Cristo

Mexican BBQ Chicken RM12.90, chicken marinated with their special sauce then deep fried.
Mexican BBQ Chicken

Chocolate Lava RM6.90 served with two scoop of ice cream and strawberry. The lava is not melting from inside out but it has pretty strong chocolate flavor.
 Chocolate Lava

Tiramisu RM14.90

Crème Brûlée RM9.90

Creme Brulee

Dessert in a Jar RM9.90, two type of dessert, first we have the Oreo and second one is Chocolate, both are the top layer ingredients while at the bottom layer are cream cheese and crushed biscuit.
Dessert in a Jar

Dessert in a Jar

Last but not least their signature Thailand Fried Ice Cream, you can choose type of fruits (aka flavor) and topping for just RM6.90. Chosen fruits will be mix and crunch into the ice cream while they fried it then topping will be added after that. The fried process allow the fruits to 100% mix into the ice cream making it flavorful.
Thailand Fried Ice Cream

Thailand Fried Ice Cream

Thailand Fried Ice Cream

Thailand Fried Ice Cream

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Street Art Cafe
80 & 82, Lebuh China, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
04- 2628525
Sun-Thurs: 8:30 am - 10:30 pm
Fri - Sat: 8:30 am - 12:00 am
Closed on Tuesday

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