New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant at Tanjung Bungah

New Dragon Gate Seafood Restaurant is a new seafood restaurant located at Tanjung Bungah. The restaurant just right behind Viva Food Court and parking available at road side. Wide range of seafood available here and something special is their RM160/kg supersize crab that imported from Indonesia, I wonder whether it as big as the one i ate in Singapore Ba Dao Guan before or not. Em...must find a chance to try it out.

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Lala Steamed with Chili Lemon RM18, a dish that good to start our meal, it taste sour and spicy. The sourish sauce is indeed very appetizing and the lala is clean without any sand in it.
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Steamed Fish with Baba Style (900grams) RM54, big fresh fish steamed to perfection then top with Baba sauce and garnished with shallot and mint leave, the sauce taste sour with little bit spicy.
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Vietnamese Prawn RM45, de-shell prawn deep fried then cook with Vietnamese sauce which taste very similar to Asam Prawn.
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Assorted Tofu with Abalone Sauce RM18, one of their signature dish is the black tofu which it ingredients are imported from Taiwan. The tofu is served with deep fried Enokitake and soy sauce, I like the tofu smooth texture and crispy Enokitake combination.
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Chicken with Blackcurrants Sauce RM25, instead of using read made juice they grind the blackcurrants and use it juice for cooking, chicken is perfectly deep fried to crispiness while the sweet and sour blackcurrant juice make it very appetizing.
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Dragon Vegetable with Lotus Root RM18, stir fried Dragon Vegetable is crunchy but the "green" taste which not really my favorite.
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New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant
Jalan C M Hashim, Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia
+60 4-898 2722

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