Restaurant Chaw Choon Dim Sum Raja Uda Jalan Ong Yi How 超全茶楼

Restaurant Chaw Choon Dim Sum 超全茶楼 located at Raju Uda, one of the very famous dim sum restaurant in main land. I has been wanting to visit this restaurant for so long but sadly i never had the chance. Glad that finally i make a move and visit the famous restaurant. The restaurant very big, should be occupying 3 shop lot and it is so crowded.
Chow Choon Dim Sum Raja Uda

High ceiling with lot of ceiling fans, it is very comfortable sitting inside.
Chow Choon Dim Sum Raja Uda

Assorted dim sum for selection, people are queuing to get their favorite dim sum. Dim Sum are served hot and they keep sending out from kitchen while the deep fried item are store in heated glass pushing cart and customer can take easily.
Assorted Dim Sum

Assorted Dim Sum

Chow Choon Dim Sum Raja Uda

Braised Duck Meat, believe the duck meat must be braised for long as it fully absorb the sauce flavor and the bone easily fall of from bone, it is so soft and delicious.
Braised Duck Meat

Abalone Siew Mai, extremely small size abalone, smaller than 10sen i think. Honestly you can't even taste the abalone instead it just put there for presentation, the siew mai is flavorful and delicious.
Abalone Siew Mai

Siew Mai, exact taste as above and we love it.
Siew Mai

Fried Fish Ball
Fried Fish Ball

Char Siew Pao, fluffy skin and the filling is generous and flavorful, i like it to have strong char siew flavor.
Char Siew Pao

Braised Chicken Feet, instead of typical red sauce they use black sauce that normally you can find in wantan mee shop. It is deep fried the braised, taste normal.
Braised Chicken Feet

Egg Tart, crunchy crust fill with egg custard.
Egg Tart

Chee Cheong Fun
Chee Cheong Fun

Shark Fin Soup, we are very disappointed with this dish, it lack of flavor and the soup is too sticky as well.
Shark Fish Soup

Steamed Prawn Dumpling, skin is thin and taste not bad.
Steamed Prawn Dumpling

Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling

Chow Choon Dim Sum Raja Uda

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Restaurant Chaw Choon Dim Sum 超全茶楼
6970, Jalan Ong Yi How, Off Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth, 12300 Penang, Malaysia

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