Restoran Deen Nasi Kandar at Jelutong

I pass by this Nasi Kandar for so many times and most of the time there is a long queue, we been wanting to try but there is really lack of parking space so until now only we try it. I would suggest park at behind Pos Office and walk over since there has more parking space.

The restaurant occupied two shop lot and not only Nasi Kandar instead they do serve roti canai, mee goreng...etc.

Like others Nasi Kandar, you have to queue to choose your dishes. The food variety is quite impressive, ranging from vegetable, egg to various protein.
Deen Nasi Kandar

I had one whole big drumstick, fried egg and pickle vegetable, the chicken is deep fried then dip with sweet herb sauce that has crispy texture and taste sweet, topping of assorted curry making it taste so good.
Deen Nasi Kandar

She had 2 sotong, lady fingers and egg. The sotong is nicely cook to very soft and not chewy, the curry sauce is very flavorful and addicted.
At first we saw the published price for sotong is RM5 - 10, we know we going to get charge very expensive since we have 2 average size sotong but when go for payment, we are glad that 2 plate with drink only RM17. Very reasonable price and the food taste so good, seem like I am addicted to the curry.
Deen Nasi Kandar

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Restoran Nasi Kandar Deen
Halal Restaurant
Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Jelutong, Penang (Beside Pos Office)

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