Wallpaper Restaurant Nagore Road Penang

Wallpaper Restaurant located at Nagore Road, along side with Money Houz we visit recently, the restaurant right at the junction of Nagore Road with a very special title Wallpaper. Wallpaper restaurant are running by the same management who run the famous Hamburger Inc at Tanjung Bungah, with that said we do expect to see whole long list of burger in the menu. Yes, they do have long list of burger up for selection. Not only that, they do have some special pasta such as Kapitan, Bah Kua, Crispy Pork Belly...etc that are some famous name found in local delicacy but they make a twist and turn to blend it into Pasta, it must be interesting food.
Wallpaper Western Food Restaurant

As the name suggest "Wallpaper", the restaurant is fill up with so many different texture of wallpaper across the wall.
Wallpaper Western Food Restaurant

Hot Mocha RM8
Hot Mocha

Hot Latte RM7
Hot Latte

Ice Peach Tea RM3.80
Ice Peach Tea

Bacon Rose RM18, The sauce taste a bit sourish while crispy bacon has some sauteed taste and crispy texture making both combination a special taste to us, we like the overall rich flavor pasta.
Kapitan Pasta

Kapitan Pasta RM16.80, crispy pork in curry kapitan tossed with spaghetti. We (Specifically me and Jazz) are so happy to see big pieces of Crispy Pork (Siow Bak) laying on top of the spaghetti. The sauce is extremely creamy and sharing is highly recommended.
Crispy Pork Belly Pasta

Lala Pasta RM15.80, with clams, chili, mushroom, basil, zucchini & Parmesan cheese. Generous amount of clams found in this plate of pasta and the mushroom is perfectly grilled to add flavor to the already flavorful pasta, pasta are perfectly cook to el dente.
Lala Pasta

BBQ Signature PorkRibs RM28.80, grilled pork ribs served with green pea mash potato and boiled broccoli. We are surprise by the big piece of pork ribs served consider the price below RM30 this is definitely a steal. It cover up with brown sauce that has a hint of black pepper, overall taste not bad.
BBQ Signature PorkRibs

Grilled Lemon Salmon RM23.80, nice food presentation with the great us of assorted colorful vegetable. Thick cut salmon grilled to crispy skin and top of special sauce, personally I found the salmon to be a little big lack of flavor, adding a little bit more salt should improve it overall taste.
Grilled Lemon Salmon

The Hamburger RM15.80, juicy Australia beef patty with BBQ sauce, pickles, grilled chicken ham, mushroom, crispy onions, mayo and topped with cheddar cheese & fried egg. One of their signature dish here as the burger bun is charcoal made and it is so fluffy, crispy onions sweetness, tomato sourness, crispy vegetable and thick beef patty are well combine forming a great balance of taste, just that we found the patty to be a little bit dry.
The Hamburger

The Hamburger

Hog RM16.80, grilled juicy pork patty with BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, crispy onion and mayo. They don't sell pork at Hamburger Inc but here they do served pork and the pork patty here has pretty good flavor, it is flavorful and juicy.
Hog Burger

Hog Burger

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Wallpaper Nagore Road
27, Jalan Nagore, 10050, Georgetown, Penang
11:30 am to 2:30 pm; 6 pm to 11 pm
Closed on every Monday
604- 226 5149

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