Coconut Palm Seafood Chu Char Restaurant at Air Itam Penang

Coconut Palm Tree moved to Air Itam near Penang Hill roundabout, if you coming from town it will be on your left before Penang Hill roundabout. It is very easy to spot the restaurant, park space available opposite the restaurant. We use to visit Coconut Palm Tree for seafood last time when they operate at town area and now they move to Air Itam which is nearer to our house. The good news is their lower down their price as well which is nice.

During our visit they inform us today got big fresh crab and asking whether we want or not, for sure a big YES. According to the owner they don't always have crab unless there is a fresh big crab available. We order 2 and it cost us RM90, honestly we are 101% satisfied with the crab. It is big in size and the meat is so sweet and fresh, unbeatable. Cook with cheese and butter which is extremely delicious, I can eat one bowl of rice with the sauce it self.
Cheese Crab

See the big claw? Yes, it is so big in size and full of meat inside. It is so good that we even tapao another 1 crab back home for my wife, that is the last crab they have as well and that time just 8pm. It really depend on your luck to get a good crab.
Cheese Crab

Stir Fried Green Bean with Chai Po RM8
Stir Fried Green Bean

Sweet and Sour Pork RM8, deep fried pork meat, cucumber and onion cook with sweet and sour sauce.
Sweet and Sour Pork

Claypot Tofu RM7, deep fried Japanese tofu, assorted mushroom and vegetable cook with thicken sauce.
Claypot Tofu

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Coconut Palm Seafood
39B, Jalan Ayer Itam, 11500 Penang
012 403 6916
6pm Onward

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