Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food at Batu Maung Penang

Batu Maung, we rarely came here for dinner as it way too far from where we stay, i remember the last visit was buffet at 1178 Seafood Corner, today we going to share Kitchen Twenty Three Restaurant that located nearby.
Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food Penang Batu Maung

The restaurant is cozy and comfortable.
Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food Penang Batu Maung

Cafe Latte RM8.50

Cafe Latte

Green Tea Latte RM8.50
Green Tea Latte

Caffe Cappuccino RM8.50
kitchn23l (8)

Three Color Tea
Three Color Tea and Cendul

Thai Style Spaghetti RM14, it sound so interesting as we never try spaghetti cook in tomyam before and we really expect it to be a tomyam spaghetti, but we are all wrong. There is no tomyam instead they have cook it with special sauce that taste sweet, sour with mild spiciness and it do have lemongrass flavor as well, honestly it really taste good.
Thai Style Spaghetti

Great Healthy Salad RM12, a combination of assorted fresh vegetable salad. It seem to be normal and typical salad but the special made dressing make it different, they use black sesame blend with secret recipe to create a very special flavor dressing that make this salad taste wonderful, the dressing has strong black sesame aroma.
Great Healthy Salad

Cordon Bleu RM15.50, instead of wrapping cheese inside the chicken meat they put a slice of cheese on top of it, the chicken is nicely marinated to flavor with soft texture.
Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu

French Cheese Toast RM7.50, two slice of bread toasted then "flooded" with honey, I like the extra honey sweetness with butter saltiness, both are great combination.
French Cheese Toast

Combo Six RM32, SIX? Yes, normally the combo is just 3 or maybe 4 meat but here they make it 6, yes 6! So what is the 6? Lamb, Steak, Fish Fillet, Chicken, Sausage and Egg. The lamb and steak has pretty much the same flavor with little bit of mint sauce on it while the chicken are top with pepper sauce and fish are top with creamy white sauce.
Combo Six

Grilled BK Pepper Chicken Thigh RM12, the chicken drum stick bone removed and marinated then grilled to a little bit char, top with black pepper sauce.
Grilled BK Pepper Chicken Thigh

Cheese Baked Fried Rice RM14.50, instead of typical cheese baked rice they put in fried rice that has better flavor and top with a layer of cheese then baked to perfection. Fried rice it self very flavorful while the add on cheese help to boost it flavor even more.
Cheese Baked Fried Rice

Cheese Baked Fried Rice

Egg & Cheese Fish Fillet RM13, grilled fish wrapped with a thin layer of egg served with mash potato, boiled vegetable and creamy white sauce.
Egg & Cheese Fish Fillet

Egg & Cheese Fish Fillet

Crispy Nestum Golden Fish, rarely saw restaurant use Nestum to deep fried as Nestum cost much more higher compare to breadcrumb but the flavor from Nestum is definitely better and very crunchy, fish is juicy as well.
Crispy Nestum Golden Fish

Double Belgium Cake RM10.50
Double Belgium Cake

Tiramisu RM10.50

Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food Penang Batu Maung

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Kitchen Twenty Three
9am - 10pm
Monday to Saturday

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