Nice Ramen at Dragon-i Gurney Plaza Penang

We been always craving for Beef Noodle, em..maybe I should say "I" instead of "We" as she not really into Beef Noodle like I did. Anyhow, after return from US, we always looking for a good hot and sour soup but seem like hard to find the taste we looking for. We decided to try Dragon-I with the hope that it will taste close to what we looking for.
Dragon i Gurney Plaza

Beef Brisket Ramen, few big pieces of beef brisket with vegetable served with their signature ramen. I enjoy the beef brisket which is nicely cook to extremely soft, it has great flavor as well. The soup taste sauteed and sweet which goes well with the ramen.
Beef Brisket Ramen

Beef Brisket Ramen

Hot and Sour Soup Ramen, the thick gravy taste sour and hot as the name suggest which is not very close to what we looking for but still good enough for now until we find a perfect one. The sticky gravy is great to eat with ramen.
Hot and Sour Soup Ramen

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Dragon I Gurney Plaza
Gurney Plaza, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
+60 4-227 1686
11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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