Romantic Dining at Heaven Gate Penang

Well, if you are plan to have a great dinner with your love one, Heaven Gate is definitely my recommendation for special occasion, the environment is extremely comfortable and food quality is always on top, not to mention the warm hospitality. Heaven Gate Restaurant located at Lebuh King, UNESCO Heritage Building. We visited Heaven Gate for so many time and never disappointed with their creative dishes and quality of food.
Heaven Gate Penang

Top up with additional RM38 for complete full course meal which include of appetizer, soup and dessert. I would highly suggest to top up for the additional RM38 as it definitely worth the money.
Heaven Gate Penang

One cup of Pure Apple Juice and another cup of Pure Pineapple, Orange and Apple Mix Juice.
Fresh Fruit Juice

Patiserrie Roll serve with Salted Butter, preheated Patiserrie Roll is fluffy with a little bit hard texture at outer layer, best to take with the salted butter.
Bread with Butter

Sicilian Light Blue Shrimp Bisque, whole lot of shrimp are prepare for 10 hours cooking to create this bowl of bisque that is smooth, creamy and extremely flavorful. If i will to describe the flavor then it would be concentrated hokkien mee without prawn fishy taste.
Blue Shrimp Bisque

Forest Wild Mushroom Soup served with Portobello Dumpling. Assorted type of mushroom cut into small pieces and cook for long hour to create the creamy yet flavorful mushroom soup, it served with mushroom filling dumpling.
Mushroom Soup

Soute Trio Mushroom with Soy Glazed, served with fresh garden salad, honey mustard dressing and scented with truffle oil. Very strong mushroom aroma dishes that has sweet, sauteed and sour taste, thanks to the high quality of soy sauce and balsamic vinegar combination that create the great flavor. Deep fried big mushroom slice are very crispy as well.
Saute Trio Mushroom with Soy Glazed

House Speciality Lemon Grass Gravlax Salmon, served with roasted beetroot, soft quail egg and cannoli prawn roe. The flower like salmon required 4 days preparation that marinated with lemongrass and it has jelly like texture, quail egg is soft and melt in mouth.
House Specialty Lemon Grass Gravlax Salmon

House Specialty Duck Served with Mushroom Raviolo, Pumpkin Ball, Sweet Pea, Braised Red Cabbage, Polenta Cream and Port Wine Emulsion RM65.90. I am very surprise by the great flavor of both smoked and roasted duck breast, smoked duck taste sauteed and sweet while the roasted duck full of duck oil aroma, both are nicely cook to perfection without any chewy texture.
House Speciality Duck

House Speciality Duck

Jumbo Prawn Gamberi Linguine with Saffron Tomato Sauce RM42.90. I like the sourish tomato sauce with mild saffron aroma linguine, the linguine is nicely cook to al dente and the sauce is creamy with strong butter flavor. Highlight of the dish is definitely the Jumbo Prawn, Yes it is JUMBO! The Jumbo Prawn is so flavorful and springy, it is fresh and sweet as well.
Jumbo Prawn Gamberi Linguine

Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake with Macaroon and Pistachio Crisp. At first we thought it would be very sweet but after first bite we realize the outer layer dark chocolate bitter taste mix well with banana mousse cake, it is not too sweet and taking with Pistachio Crisp is juce nice.
Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake

Pandan Coconut Cream Brulee with Fresh Toast Stick. The pandan coconut are hide beneath the thin crust of caramel, crushing through caramel immediately we can smell the pandan coconut aroma. The pandan coconut is very smooth and creamy while the fresh toast stick full of egg flavor, taking both together create a great flavor.
Pandan Coconut Cream Brulee

Sweet Sweet!
Heaven Gate Penang

The Good News! Heaven Gate Mothers Day Promotion!

Heaven Gate Mothers Day Promotion

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Heaven Gate
1A, Lebuh King, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
012-488 5979

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