David Brown Western Food Restaurant Penang Hill

It been so so long ago on my last visit to Penang Hill, the last visit was few years back when me and my friends hike from Botanical Garden to Penang Hill and down the hill with train. Penang Hill train station has been renovated and the new multi level parking also in operation now, the parking lot is RM2 first hour and RM1 for subsequent hour.
Penang Hill

Train return ticket price is RM10 for MyKad holder while RM30 for Non-MyKad holder. Honestly it is quite expensive consider the short distance and lack of scenery, it is pretty cramp inside as well.
Penang Hill Railway

Penang Hill has since then developed to such as nice tourist attraction.
David Brown Restaurant Penang Hill

Owl Museum is another top attraction at Penang Hill as well, it is not too big and fill with nice Owl related art. Just put a couple picture rather than all picture so that you can explore it yourself. It is quite a value for money tour through the museum, whole lot of Owl related art display at every corner of the museum.
Penang Hill Owl Museum

Penang Hill Owl Museum

Penang Hill Owl Museum

Penang Hill Owl Museum

Coming out from the Owl Museum and climb up the stair case to food court, you can enjoy local delicacy here.
Penang Hill Food Court

Top of the building are Love Lock, where you can tie a love lock with your love one. Normal love shape lock RM20++ while the gold color metal lock cost RM40++, honestly it is quite pricey but you can prepare your own lock and lock it here.
Penang Hill Love Lock

Penang Hill Love Lock

You can enjoy a great meal at Michael Brown restaurant which is the highest restaurant in Penang(for sure, since it on top of Penang Hill..LOL).
David Brown Restaurant Penang Hill

Overview from the restaurant.
David Brown Restaurant Penang Hill

The restaurant is a bungalow located on top of Penang Hill and surrounded with tree, a big pond in front of the restaurant with glass all over the surrounding area.
David Brown Restaurant Penang Hill

David Brown Restaurant Penang Hill

Due to the fact that a lot mosquito in this area so the restaurant will provide mosquito repellent upon request, they are planting a type of plant that eat mosquito and hopefully can get rid of the blood sucker.
David Brown Restaurant Penang Hill

Start our meal with hot bun and butter.
Hot Steamed Bun

Smoked Salmon Salad RM22, assorted fresh crunchy vegetable mix with smoked salmon that taste refreshing and a great start for our meal.
Smoked Salmon Salad

Garden Salad RM15, fresh vegetable fill with ham with cheese and home made dressing.
Garden Salad

Waldorf Salad RM15, assorted fresh fruits mix with mayonnaise and walnuts, personally I like this salad compare to the other two as fresh fruits sweetness and crunchy texture taste much better.
Waldorf Salad

Cream of Mushroom RM18, assorted mushroom crunch together for this bowl of mushroom soup, it has very strong mushroom aroma and creamy texture.
Cream of Mushroom

Cream of Tomato RM18, sourish tomato puree that is very appetizing.
Cream of Tomato

Mulligatawny Soup RM20, served with lime and rice. It has very strong herb flavor and taste very much like Indian curry, it is a little bit strong in flavor for soup but nevertheless it still taste good.
Mulligatawny Soup

Pan Grilled Seafood Combo RM108, combination of muscle, prawn, squid, scallop and salmon fish. I like the scallop the most as it is perfectly cook to a little bit chewy texture, same goes to fish and squid but for prawn personally i think overloaded with mayonnaise.
Pan Grilled Seafood Combo

Grilled Seabass Fillet RM58, two big pieces of Seabass fillet grilled to a little bit char texture on the skin while maintain juiciness on fish meat, I like the simple preparation for a nice piece of fish meat.
Grilled Seabass Fillet

David Brown's Classic Chicken Chop RM32, chicken was nicely marinated and grilled, it has very soft texture and taste good with the pepper sauce.
David Brown's Classic Chicken Chop

Cottage Pie RM38, two layer "cake". Top layer are fill with cheese mash tomato while the bottom layer are minced beef, bottom layer has very strong flavor which goes well balanced with the top layer mash potato but this large portion highly recommended for sharing.
Cottage Pie

Roast Rack of Lamb RM68, honestly this is the best dish for me. The rack is perfectly cook to soft and succulent, not chewy and full of flavor. Too bad Jazz took a portion of it (shhhh), else I would have finish it by my own.
Roast Rack of Lamb

Bombe Alaska RM48, a dessert that has the "show" effect, why? Because they will pour alcohol on top of it and fire up, the white color is cream while inside fill with ice cream and fruits.
Bombe Alaska

Remember to blow out the fire else it will be something like this. OMG!
Bombe Alaska

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David Brown Western Food Restaurant Penang Hill
Strawberry Hill,Penang Hill,Bukit Bendera 11300 Ayer Itam, Penang.
Lunch: 11am - 3pm
Afternoon Tea: 3pm - 6pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10pm
04-828 8337/ 018-409 6277

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