DCOVA Cafe Penang

DCOVA Cafe located inside UNESCO Heritage Building along Bishop Street, DCOVA Cafe specialize in coffee as well as main dishes. DCOVA has a simple yet comfortable decoration with flower on the wall that are made from coffee bean. It is very pleasant to be sitting here and enjoy a cup of coffee.



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Papa Palheta Specialty Coffee (pif Blend) (PIF = Pay It Forward) are the coffee bean use here.
Coffee Bean

DCOVA Signature Freddo RM11.50, very strong coffee aroma and thick in flavor with a layer of foam on top.
DCOVA Signature Freddo

Caramel Sea Salt Macchiato RM9.50
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New-Yuzade RM14.90, Citrus Yuzu soda served with home made Japanese Yuzu Jelly.

Long Black RM7.00
Long Black

Cappuccino RM8.50
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Shanghai Rose Tea RM15.90 per pot
Tea Set

Classic BLT RM19.90, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches served with balsamic vinegar mixed salad. Roasted English Muffin are very crispy while the fresh crunchy vegetable fill in between make them a great combination, great texture and flavor.
Classic BLT

New-Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia (Squid Ink Pasta) - RM25.90, Spaghetti tossed in olive oil and squid, topped with a hearty serving of Ebiko. Instead of of using liquid form squid ink they use powder type that doesn't has too strong fishy taste, personally i found it to be well balanced flavor.
New-Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia

New-Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia

New-Riz Al Nero Di Seppia (Squid Ink Rice) RM25.90, exactly the same ingredients as above but replace with rice, it still taste as good and the rice is nicely cook to shape and not mushy, prawn are nicely cook to perfection with a hint of salty taste.
ew-Riz Al Nero Di Seppia

Carbonara DCOVA RM18.90, Pasta, Egg and Chucks of Back Bacon. A hint of garlic with bacon salted taste together with creamy texture, it came with mild egg fragrance as well.
Carbonara DCOVA

Cheesy Baked Rice Sausage RM20.90 (Tuna), mixture of various herbs into fragrant rice and top with a layer of special homemade sauce, shredded Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese then baked to golden crispy texture. The portion is generous and sharing is highly recommended, it has very strong cheese flavor.
Cheesy Baked Rice Sausage

Chocolate Rum Cake
Chocolate Rum Ckae

Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake

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Logan Heritage, No. 4, Bishop Street, 10200, Georgetown, Penang. (previously Lighthouse Coffeebar)
Sunday - Thursday 10am-10pm (Except Tuesday)
Friday - Saturday 10am-12am
604- 261 3121

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