Equatorial Hotel Penang Ramadhan Buffet

It not long ago from my last visit to Equatorial Hotel and I am return here again for Ramadhan Buka Puasa Buffet. Restaurant is very spaces and nice decorated, ample of walking space in between and at the buffet counter. Right in front of the restaurant is a big pool with lot of coconut tree that look like a beach, live band performance during our visit but to enjoy you need to sit outside which is very comfortable as well.
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Hari Raya Celebration
Available: Daily, 6.30pm – 10.00pm
Price: RM120 nett per adult, RM60 nett per child

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Assorted Keropok and bakery. There is 5 different type of Keropok and all are fresh and crispy. Assorted bread and bun are available as well but seem like not much people eating since it is dinner buffet anyway.
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Sausage bun
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Porridge (Bubur Lambuk) served with assorted condiments. Bubur Lambuk has beef meat in it, it taste sauteed but a little bit too thick for me.
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Chicken Soup
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Clam Chowder with whole lot of clam being use to cook.
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Assorted Malay Kuih
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Fresh Fruits Counter with assorted pickle, fresh fruits such as Dragon Fruits, Watermelon, Jambu, Passion Fruits, Orange and Papaya. Fruits served here are quite special especially Dragon Fruits and Passion Fruits which I never see it served on other buffet restaurants.
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Acar-Acar is a traditional Malay pickle vegetable that served with chili sauce and peanuts. Vegetable such as carrot, cucumber, onion, shallot and chili are pickle in vinegar, it taste sweet and sour with a little spicy taste.
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Ulam-Ulaman is another traditional Malay dish that raw vegetable are consume together with Sambal.
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Boiled Prawn, Muscle and Scallop.
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Tofu Vegetable with Chili Sauce
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Malay Kuih
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Serunding Ayam, Serunding Daging, Serunding Ikan Bilis
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Assorted Desserts such as Moist Chocolate Cake, Pecan Nut Brownie Cake, Linzer Cake, Black Forest Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Cheese & Carrot Cake, Chocolate Brownies, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Bread and Butter Pudding. Overall dessert taste good but slightly sweet to my liking.

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Syrup Bandung, Soya Milk, Sugar Cane and Longang drink are served as well, our Malay friends will drink a cup of sweet drink during Buka Puasa and various drinks served here are just perfect.
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Raya Cookies
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Noodle Station, Clear Soup or Curry Mee. The curry mee has extremely thick sauce with very strong curry taste.
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Nasi Lemak Station, according to Chef they grow those herbs in house and use for cooking. It is very fresh and healthy, there is two type of steamed rice served here white color Nasi Lemak (Coconut Milk) and blue color Nasi Kelabu (Butterfly-pea flowers). Those are typical Malaysian breakfast, rice served with ikan bilis, peanuts, salted egg, boiled egg and cucumber with sambal.
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Nasi Lemak/Nasi Kelabu
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Aneka Ikan Masin
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Ayam Percik Kelantan
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Daging Rendang
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Udang Sambal Petai
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Ikan Kari
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Singapore Fried Bee Hoon
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Brown Rice and Steamed Rice
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Sliced Chicken Szechuan Bean Sauce
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Beef Goulash
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Braised Mustard Heart with Garlic
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Harissa Garden Vegetables
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Kari Kepala Ikan
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Sotong Lemak Cili Api
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Vegetable Dhall
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Equatorial Chili Crab is so delicious, honestly it is one of the best dishes we eat throughout the buffet line. Fresh is extremely fresh and the most important still the chili sauce which taste sweet and spicy, it is really delicious.
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Inti Ayam and Inti Durian, Inti Durian really surprise us by the fresh Durian taste, now is the Durian season hence they can make a rich durian flavor Inti.
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Coffee Machine, every time i saw Coffee Machine i feel excited and never miss to make a cup of Afogato (Expresso + Vanilla Ice Cream) but due to the caffeine reaction i can't sleep till late midnight so i skip this round.
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Pisang Goreng is another typical Malaysia food where banana are coated with a layer of flour then deep fried to golden color, it is very crispy and flavorful.
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Keledek Goreng, same preparation method with different ingredients, instead of Banana this is Sweet Potato.
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I am impressed by the clean cooking oil.
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Ikan Bakar with various type of fish ready to grill.
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Ice Kacang with so many type of filling, personally i like to add on a lot of nutmeg to create the sweet and nutmeg rich flavor.
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Nice environments.
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Ice cream with assorted topping.
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Grilled Lamb (Kibas Panggang), according to Chef they use Middle East lamb as they choose to have smaller size lamb in order to preserved it juicy meat and it has better texture and flavor as well.
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Barbeque Corner served many type of protein such as various sausage, lamb satay, chicken satay, lamb, beef and chicken wings. The lamb and beef are nicely cook to flavor and tender while the satay as well taste very good.
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Mongolian BBQ, pan grilled assorted meat with vegetable with Mongolian sauce. There is squid, prawn, chicken, lamb and beef. Customer can choose what they want and the chef will cook it fresh for you.
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Dim Sum
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Over to Thai corner, Chef are originally from Thailand. A couple of authentic Thai dishes are specially crafted by him.
Yellow Curry Duck Breast
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Green Curry Chicken
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Tomyam Seafood Soup
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Pandan Chicken, Som Tam and Thai Fish Cake
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Tempura Station
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Selamat Berbuka Puasa
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Every table fill with this paper "Learn How to Speak Hokkien".
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Nice view from Hotel.
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Equatorial Hotel Penang
Jalan Bukit Jambul, 11900 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
+60 4-632 7000

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