Gartien Uji Matcha Pineapple Cake

Gartien is launching a new flavor of pineapple cake few days back, a brand new flavor of "Uji Matcha Pineapple Cake". Again, they have brand new packaging for every season or new product launch. In conjunction with the Uji Matcha Pineapple Cake launch, brand new packaging of white box illustrated basic ingredients of pineapple cake are use as decoration of the box.

Gartien use best and original ingredients of flour, butter and pineapple as their ingredients for pineapple cake. Gartien select the best pineapple and ship freshly to their kitchen for preparation, ingredients are freshly prepare in their open kitchen that has great control of cleanliness and quality.
gartien pineapple cake

What make the new pineapple cake different from previous version? We notice darker color with a little bit green color on it crust and that is the Matcha powder, high quality Matcha are imported from Uji city in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Matcha produce at Uji City are known for premium quality and free from any preservative or coloring.
gartien pineapple cake

The selling price for each box consist of 6 pieces are RM36 nett, it is a perfect gift or souvenir to friends or family.
gartien pineapple cake

Gartien pineapple cake

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