Goodall Cafe (萬和冷氣飲食中心)

I believe Goodall Cafe is familiar to almost every Penangkia since it has been well established for many years, most of the hawker food sell here are good and reasonable price. I would highly recommended tourist to visit here rather than Gurney Drive Food Court, there is nearby Bus Station as well.
Good All Cafe Penang

What is good here? Curry Fish Head, Pizza, Wan Tan Mee is always top of my list. Give it a try.

Oyster Omelette is one of the famous food here as well, not only Oyster Omelette instead they do have clam and prawn Omelette as well. The same hawker do sell Char Koay Kak which taste very good.
Oyster Egg

Wan Tan Mee is springy and great in flavor.
Wantan Mee

Braised Chicken Feet is one of the best, it must be braised for long hour to create the sticky high collagen sauce. It has mild herbal flavor and the chicken feet is extremely soft and full of flavor.
Braised Chicken Feet

Fried Rice is no longer as good as before and seriously the service is horrible. Many years back newspaper has publish an article regarding kids fried rice and that kids is still working here helping his parent but the fried rice honestly not that tasty and I just can't stand with the horrible service.
Fried Rice

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Goodall Cafe
Address: Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
6pm Onward

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