Yellow Lips Aussie and Japanese Cuisine Restaurant at Beach Street Penang

Few months back we review Mangoes Cafe which has been moved to Gurney Paragon now, the new tenant occupied the exact same shop lot is Yellow Lips. Why Yellow Lips? according to the owner he just want something simple but catchy and easy to remember. Honestly I can easily remember the name, Yellow and Lips. They maintain pretty much everything in term of layout and decoration.
Yellow Lip Restaurant

Strawberry Frappe RM12
Strawberry Frappe

Greentea Frappe RM12
Greentea Frappe

Swtizco Frappe RM12
Swtizco Frappe

Roselle Frappe RM12
Tamarind Frappe RM12
Laichi Frappe RM12
Frappe Drink

90/92 Pour Over RM10, one of the signature drink served here are definitely the award winning P&F Coffee which has been awarded 90 and 92 points respectively from world recognize
90/92 Pour Over

Crabonara RM16, more and more restaurant use squid ink as one of the key ingredient for pasta, same goes to Yellow Lips where their pasta are cook with squid ink to create the black color pasta together with the special made crab and salmon roe sauce is pretty good.

Softshell Crab Burger RM25, this must be the very first soft shell crab in town. It not typical small size crab instead it is very big size soft shell crab that deep fried to golden color and top with special made sauce, served as burger. Unbelievable presentation and flavor, it is very crunchy and the great flavor of soft shell crab make it one of the best burger ever had.
Softshell Crab Burger

Sea Tiger Nishiki Rice RM28, fried rice served in capsicum bowl together with big fresh prawn. Fried rice has very strong capsicum flavor while the nicely grill prawn has very springy texture which goes well with the fried rice.
Sea Tiger with Japanese Fried Rice

Lamb Shank Croissant Sandwich RM22, big portion of nicely marinated lamb shank cut into small pieces sandwich together with fresh slice tomato into crunchy croissant. Lamb shank strong in flavor and a big bite with crunchy croissant is just awesome.
Lamb Shank Croissant Sandwich

Lamb Shank Croissant Sandwich

Smoke Kamo (Duck) Chirasi RM16, nicely marinated duck breast smoked to perfection top with sesame and sweet sauce, served together with poached egg.
Smoke Kamo

Tekka Don RM25, nicely plated dishes that has various color that nicely Incorporated into a bowl of Tuna rice. Thick slice Tuna served with raw quail egg and tuna mayonnaise. Mix quail egg into steamed rice to create a smooth texture rice and eating with tuna is just perfect.
Tekka Don

Bara Chirashi Sushi RM36, another nicely plated rice with fresh and colorful sashimi, great combination of Salmon, Prawn, Tuna, Crabstick, Egg...etc served cold with Japanese premium quality rice.
Bara Chirashi Sushi

Unagi Don RM28, one big whole pieces of Unagi nicely grilled to char on skin and top with Japanese sweet sauce served with sliced tomato, lemon and spring onions.
Unagi Don

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Yellow Lips
496, Lebuh Pantai, 10030 Georgetown Penang.
11am - 10pm

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