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Ipoh Style Chicken Hor Fun at Restoran May Fong Butterworth

Get to know Restoran May Fong from searching through FourSquare and further searching from various blog show that this restaurant has been established since many years back, I think from the outlook can tell. FourSquare has a lot complain regarding their poor service but we did not encounter that, luckily! Overall service just normal, no smiling but at least no black face either so still acceptable for us. Go in, order, serve, eat, pay and bye bye.
Restoran May Fong

Steamed Chicken HorFun

Instead of KoayTeow they name it HorFun to follow Ipoh style, it doesn’t really matter as we know what we are eating. LOL!
They served dry or soup HorFun and we decided to try out dry HorFun.
Steamed Chicken HorFun

Extra order chicken meat, Chicken meat are extremely juicy and smooth, topping with oyster sauce making it taste even better.
Steamed Chicken HorFun

Steamed Chicken HorFun

Dry HorFun, served with chicken meat, vegetable and small prawn garnished with shallots. Honestly, quite a small plate which I can easily finish two plate without any problem. HorFun are extremely smooth and the oyster sauce are flavorful as well, overall taste very good.
Steamed Chicken HorFun

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Restoran May Fong
No.4562, Jalan Kampung Benggali, 12200 Butterworth.
10.30am to 6pm

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