Dee Mak Mookata Bukit Mertajam Penang

"Moo Kratha" doesn't sound familiar to you? So do I as we always heard people saying Mookata instead, so what is "Moo Kratha"? Well, according to Wiki it is a type of Steamboat that originating from Chiang Mai that use charcoal to simultaneously grills and boil ingredients. In my memory BBQ Plaza should be the very first one to acquired this idea.
Dee Mak Mookata is a newly open restaurant located at Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam. If you are coming from Juru, you need to turn left then go straight at make a u-turn and Dee Mak Mookata is just on your left.
Dee Mak Mookata

They offer Set Package for RM29.90 or RM59.90, if you prefer to choose your own ingredients then you may select the item accordingly.
Dee Mak Mookata

Our drinks, two nutmeg, Kickapoo and longan.
Dee Mak Mookata

Special home made dipping sauce, it look to be plain and boring but you will be surprise by how much oomph it carry. It is pretty spicy and sourish, extremely flavorful and great for grill meat.
home made sauce

Here come out hot pot, burning hot charcoal.
Charcoal Steamboat

We had tom yam soup which are one of their signature soup base which are boiled for long hour using vegetable and tom yam paste. If you prefer non spicy soup then you can order their pork bone soup.
Charcoal Steamboat

We had RM59.90 package and the portion is much bigger than we expect.
mookata set

Three plate of slice meat (Chicken and Pork) is definitely the highlight of the night, it is nicely marinated to flavor and extremely delicious. Understand from the owner that they bought the chicken fresh from market and marinate immediately, if the meat is not sold within 2 day then they will throw it away to maintain freshness.
mookata set

Overall ingredients are fresh and we really enjoy drinking the soup, it is not too spicy or sour instead it is just nice in flavor, after cooking with all the ingredients it become rich in flavor. We don't feel thirsty after eating as well.
Dee Mak Mookata

Dee Mak Mookata

Golden Mushroom wrap with bacon.
mushroom bacon

Udon seem like to better combination than instant noodle since it can be cook for longer and has very smooth texture.

Slice Meat, if you notice that the meat look extremely fresh and thickness is completely different from other shabu-shabu restaurant. They get the meat fresh from market daily and slice manually instead of machine cut, it has much better texture and flavor.
fresh slice meat


Deep Fried Fish Meat, thin crispy fish meat with a little bit of sauteed taste is just awesome, dipping with the tomyam sauce or home made dipping sauce is just perfect.
deep fried fish meat

Fresh Scallop
fresh scallop

Second round? Yes, we just want to try out their Pork Bone Soup hence we add on some ingredients and request to change soup. Clear soup taste as good as the tomyam but if you are as crazy as us to have 2 round, i would recommended to try Pork Bone Soup first then Tom Yam soup.
Dee Mak Mookata

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Dee Mak Mookata
1506, Jalan Besar, Bukit Tengah, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang
017 774 8008
6pm - 11pm

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