Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road Penang

Shunka Japanese Restaurant is one of the very first Japanese Restaurant i visited long time ago at Parit Buntar. Long long time ago we tested their Cheese Tamago and fall in love with it, hot and melting cheese from Tamago is just awesome. Today we visit their branch in Burma Road Penang and we going to eat more Cheese Tamago (Cheese Omelette).
Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road

Interior of Shunka Restaurant emphasize on comfortable with dim lighting and tatami seating at selected area.
Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road

Wallpaper surrounding the wall, according to the owner those wallpaper show gathering of Japanese family in a single area. Very interesting.
Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road

I love the bar counter very much which look like a original Japanese restaurant in Japan (saw on TV, never been to Japan).
Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road

More seating area at second floor.
Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road

Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road

While waiting for our food to served, we ate a big bowl of "Edamame" normally we call it Japanese Bean because you only got to eat this in Japanese restaurant.
shunkajr7 (1)

Japanese Salad RM16.80, combination of various fresh vegetable  such as lettuce, carrot, cucumber and tomato served with Kewpie sauce, simple but flavorful appetizer.
Japanese Salad

Mentaiyaki Baked Salmon Roll RM18.90, instead of typical steamed Japanese rice as based they deep fried sushi rice and crab meat together then top with a slice of Salmon. It has crispy and soft texture.
Mentaiyaki Baked Salmon Roll

Cheese Baked White Tuna Roll RM18.90, the based is exactly the same as Mentaiyaki Baked Salmon Roll but topping are replace with White Tuna and mayonnaise cheese sauce.
 Cheese Baked White Tuna Roll

Salmon Mentaiyaki RM15.80, nicely pan fried crispy salmon top with special sauce. Enjoy the crispy salmon skin and juicy salmon meat very much.
Salmon Mentaiyaki

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen RM19.90, Japanese ramen served together with slice pork meat and egg in Tonkotsu Shoyu soup. Pork bone based soup with add on Shoyu taste a little bit salty but eating with "fat" ramen is just perfect. Slice meat are nicely marinated to flavor as well.
Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

Teriyaki Bibimbap RM19.70, seem to be a cross over between Japanese Restaurant with Korean dishes here. Assorted vegetable with rice are served on hot stone bowl with a separate bowl of Chili sauce. Mix well with chili sauce and let it sit for while to create the crispy crust of rice.
Teriyaki Bibimbap

Spicy Pork Bulgogi RM17.90, another great use of hot stone bowl to served spicy pork with half boiled egg, mix well between pork, onion and egg create a great flavor.
Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Beef Sukiyaki Steamboat RM24.90, every time we heard of the name Sukiyaki our brain with tie it with "Sweet", because Sukiyaki soup tends to be very overly sweet to our liking but in Shunka it has a little bit of sauteed taste which are nicely balanced out the too sweet taste.
 Beef Sukiyaki Steamboat

Japanese Omelette Noodle RM13.90, look like a Pataya Fried Rice isn't it? Personally i feel the sweet sauce use to fried noodle are too much, it is too sweet for us especially the add on sweet sauce on top of fried egg making it has even higher level of sweet taste.
 Japanese Omelette Noodle

 Japanese Omelette Noodle

Grilled Pork Belly RM7.30, pork belly slice to thin and grilled to extremely crispy texture is just prefect. It is one of the best dishes we all agree on, it has a little bit sauteed taste with crispy texture. You can have a squeeze of lemon to add more flavor into it.
Grilled Pork Belly

Squid Butter Grilled RM22.90, big squid grilled with butter is so flavorful. It has very strong butter aroma with a hint of sauteed taste, dipping with mayonnaise and spring onion is just awesome. It is not chewy at all.
Squid Butter Grilled

Kimchi Steamboat RM17.90, another great dish of the night! Spicy level of Kimchi soup can be choose from Level 1 to Level 3, we choose to try Level 2 to be safe and no regret. I truly enjoy the spicy kimchi soup very much, it not only spicy instead if has very rich flavor from vegetable sweetness. Kimchi soup can be refill for one time.
Kimchi Steamboat

Japanese Cheese Omelette RM10.50, we are glad to try the signature dish again. Just love the smooth and flavorful egg + cheese, it has very strong egg aroma and the melting cheese is just irresistible. If you do not like cheese then you may try original flavor or Unagi flavor.
Japanese Cheese Omelette

Garlic Fried Rice RM10.50, if you are garlic lover like we do then you will love this Garlic Fried Rice very much, it has very strong garlic and egg fragrance stick to every rice. It is not oily as well.
Garlic Fried Rice

Matcha series in Shunka is one of the best selling items due to it pure and great flavor Matcha that directly import from Japan. We tested a couple of their Matcha series dessert and drink, truly impress with the flavor.

Hot Matcha RM7.30 is my highly recommended drinks where you can truly taste the original flavor of good Matcha, it has a little bit bitter taste with smooth texture, mixing with milk making it even smooth and add on a flavor that is a unbeatable.
Hot Matcha

Ice Matcha with Red Bean RM16.90, three layer dessert that has very bottom layer fill up with vanilla ice cream, middle layer red bean and top layer crush ice Matcha. One big spoonful from top to bottom to enjoy the mix ingredients great flavor, Matcha crush ice has very special texture and full of Matcha taste that mix well with red bean and vanilla ice cream.
Ice Matcha with Red Bean

Magic Matcha RM16.90, one of the best selling items in Shunka. It contain of Matcha Ice Blended + Matcha Ice Cube + Matcha Ice Cream, best combination of Matcha. Normally you will have diluted Matcha drink at very last sip but with this Matcha combination, you are getting thicker flavor of Matcha at the end, which is very cool.
Magic Matcha

Ice Blended Matcha with Red Bean RM16.90, Matcha and Red Bean always good friends. Combination of both are just perfect no matter in what form, same goes to this cup of Matcha Red Bean which has well balanced flavor.
Ice Blended Matcha with Red Bean

Shunka Japanese Restaurant Burma Road

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旬香 Shunka
124E, Burma Road, 10050 George Town, Penang.
11:30am - 10:30pm Daily

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