The Mugshot Cafe Penang

Every Sunday I will have breakfast with my parent and no different for today as we visited Pitt Street Koay Teow Thng and enjoy a cup of coffee at The Mugshot Cafe which located at the heart of Georgetown, just next to Rainforest Bakery. I have long heard of The Mugshot Cafe before but never have a chance to visit until I saw CLAIMit have a deal for 26% discount on 2 Coffee and 1 bagel, immediately I decided to try it out.
The Mugshot Cafe Penang

The Mugshot Cafe famous for it signature Bagel which are freshly made and served with various ingredients such as cream cheese, bacon & egg, nutella & banana…etc. Other than the signature Bagel they do have home made Yogurt as well but sadly my stomach just doesn’t have enough space for it. I will be back!
The Mugshot Cafe Penang

The Mugshot Cafe Penang

The Mugshot Cafe Penang

The Mugshot Cafe Penang

The Mugshot Cafe Penang

I bought the CLAIMit voucher for RM28 which include any 2 drinks and any 1 bagel from the menu. I decided to go for Black Coffee and Latte for my parent with add on Cappuccino for myself, while Bagel I choose to have Bacon & Egg Bagel.

All table have a small container with brown sugar in it because their drink doesn’t add on any sugar.

Black Coffee, a little bit too biter but a few sip later you will find it taste well balanced and the after taste start to kick in.
Black Coffee

Latte, the mixture of milk and coffee aroma covering our nose immediately after served on our table, very smooth texture with strong coffee and milk taste in it.

Cappuccino, should I say exactly the same as Latte? Great in flavor but came with thicker milk form.

Bacon & Egg Bagel, it took them sometime to prepare as Bacon & Egg “flower” are cook separately into shape then oven baked the Bagel with butter, it still hot on our table. Bagel is extremely crispy on it outer layer and fluffy inside. “flower” are nicely shape and place in the center, press it have to make it a little bit flat before a big bite, it is heavenly good. Very crispy and flavorful. Yummy
Bacon and Egg Bagel

The Mugshot Cafe Penang

By the way, we bought the deal through CLAIMit and it cost only RM28 instead of RM38, 26% discount and best of the best, no reservation required. Just walk in and enjoy.

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The Mugshot Cafe Penang
302, Chulia Street, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
8am to 9pm. Daily.
016- 482 5501

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