Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine RM10 Promotion till 31/10/2015

Saw an interesting promotion while scrolling through Facebook this morning, RM10 per pax for a complete meal of 6 dishes (minimum 2 pax) at Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine Pekaka Square. Immediately decided to make reservation for lunch with colleague. Below portion are for 4.
Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine

The restaurant is kind of small with less than 10 tables, booking is a must to entitle for this promotion.
Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine

Famous Crab Meat Soup, I doesn’t expect much since we just pay RM10 that include 6 dishes but it came to my surprise that the Crab Meat Soup taste so good, thick and flavorful with a lot of mushroom and crab meat in it.

Famous Crab Meat Soup

Ocean Sauce Steam Red Fish Meat, we get half fish for 4 pax which is not bad but the fish has pretty strong muddy taste, luckily the ocean sauce taste strong enough to cover up. I would suggest they deep fried and put the same sauce which should make it taste better.
Ocean Sauce Steam Red Fish Meat

Clay Pot Curry Prawn, deep fried prawn to crispy texture and served with Indonesia Curry, it is really delicious. I can finish one bowl of steamed rice with the curry sauce.
Clay Pot Curry Prawn

Golden Mushroom Bean Curb, deep fried bean curb served with boiled broccoli and golden mushroom sauce.
Golden Mushroom Bean Curb

Thai Mango Chicken, deep fried chicken fillet served with mango and onion kerabu. I love the extremely crispy skin with mango sauce which taste sweet and sour.
Thai Mango Chicken

Stir Fried Vegetable
Stir Fried Vegetable

Wang Chao 13 Anniversary
Pre Order Required
Promotion untill 31/10/2015
Valid between 11pm – 7pm Only
RM10 per/person (Minimum 2 person)

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Restoran Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine
Address: 2-G-2, Lebuh Pekaka 1, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-444 3268
11am – 10pm (Close Wednesday)

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