Fu Er Dai Morning Breakfast Dim Sum 富二代点心

Few days back we went to Fu Er Dai for their Mookata Steamboat at night and now we are here on Sunday morning for Dim Sum, we won’t be here for early morning Mookata Steamboat, don’t worry! Exactly the same restaurant but in the morning they sell Dim Sum while at night it turn to Mookata Steamboat restaurant.
Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

Not going to talk much about the restaurant since i have cover it in previous review Fu Er Dai Mookata Steamboat.
Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

Ginseng Wu Long Tea RM8 per pot, instead of charging per person they charge per pot as this high quality tea are different from Pu Er, Tie Guan Yin…etc. Ginseng Wu Long Tea has very smooth texture and strong after taste, it is not too bitter as well. RM8 for 5 of us consider quite cheap.
fuerdaidimsu (6)

Crystal Clear Prawn Dumpling, thin crystal clear skin fill with prawn that taste good while it still hot. It is a must to eat while it still hot else crystal skin will be come hard and chewy, prawn are springy and fresh.
Crystal Clear Prawn Dumpling

Fish Maw Dumpling, big pieces of fish maw covering the whole plate and top with sweet and sour sauce.
Fish Maw Dumpling

Egg Tart, crunchy skin fill with egg custard that is very smooth and full of egg aroma.
Egg Tart

Egg Tart

Pan Fried Radish Cake, mashed radish mix with dried shrimp deep fried to perfection. It is very crispy outside while remain juicy inside, I like the strong dried shrimp taste.
Pan Fried Radish Cake

Prawn King Siew Mai is one of their signature dim sum where big chunks of meat is use to create the great bite texture and flavor.
Prawn King Siew Mai

Japanese Seaweed Roll, fusion food? steamed crab roll and pork meat wrap with seaweed, although seaweed has chewy texture but the saltiness make the overall taste good.
Japanese Seaweed Roll

Deep Fried Prawn Roll, prawn and pork meat roll and deep fried to crispiness is just awesome, i just love the crispy texture and taste.
Deep Fried Prawn Roll

Deep Fried Prawn Roll

Indian Curry Siew Mai is such a creative dim sum that we have never try it before (if my memory is valid), it has strong curry fragrance in it.
Indian Curry Siew Mai

Bee Hives Taro Dumpling, crispy outer layer with generous filling of char siew inside.
Bee Hives Taro Dumpling

Bee Hives Taro Dumpling

Honey BBQ Pork Puff, extremely sticky puff fill with char siew which not really my favorite as the puff is way too sticky that stick all over my mouth.
Honey BBQ Pork Puff

Honey BBQ Pork Puff

Braised Garoupa Fish Head Yin Yong, we thought it going to be typical Hor Fun but we are wrong, the flavor is so good and the deep fried fish meat taste so fresh and delicious. One More Plate PLS!
Braised Garoupa Fish Head Yin Yong

Pork Rib are very soft and flavorful as well.
Pork Ribs

Steamed Glutinous Rice
Steamed Glutinous Rice

Salted Egg Yoks Custard Bun, we never miss this bun whenever we go dim sum restaurant as the “lava” feeling is too good to be miss. They did well on the filling where it melt and taste good.
Salted Egg Yoks Custard Bun

Salted Egg Yoks Custard Bun

Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun filled with few pieces of prawn inside, rice sheet is extremely soft and the chili paste must add more to have that sauteed and spicy taste.
Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun

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Fu Er Dai 富二代
7, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.

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