G Hotel Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

G Hotel Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar is a brand new place to hangout. Reaching up to the top of G Hote Kelawai for Gravity Rooftop Bar that provide an awesome view of Penang. We are not so lucky because there is some haze problem that block certain area else we can eve view a great sunset from here.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Gravity Rooftop Bar is located next to Hotel swimming pool, swimming at the top open floor must be a good experience.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Bar counter at the middle of open area.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Totally different experience after sunset, very nice lighting and windy as well.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Different feeling at night.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Having fun with fellow blogger and thanks G Hotel Kelawai for hosting us.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Rainbow Margarita RM26, introducing Gravity signature beverage that has the highest order rate and it definitely the most eye catching drink as well. 5 color with different flavor of sweet alcoholic drink that taste totally different, not too strong instead it taste a bit sweet especially their cover the cup with a layer of sugar instead of salt.
Rainbow Margarita

Pomegranate Mojito RM38
Pomegranate Mojito

Pink Perfection RM21, combination of watermelon, strawberry, orange and lemon juice. Non-alcoholic drink.
Pink Perfection

Strawberry Daiquiri RM35
Strawberry Daiquiri

Mango Daiquiri RM35
Mango Daiquiri

Gravity Rissoles RM19, marinated chicken breast grilled and top with tomato and cheese. Chicken breast is juicy and mixing it with cheese to create a very strong cheese fragrance and well balanced flavor.
Gravity Rissoles

Prawn & Watermelon Salsa RM19, nicely plated snack that has deep fried prawn served in a pool of watermelon. Prawn are season to flavor and eating with cold watermelon taste refreshing.
Prawn & Watermelon Salsa

Soft Shell Crab RM24, perfectly deep fried to crispy soft shell crab taste awesome, it is so crispy and not oily at all. Serving together with Vietnamese roll that has crunchy vegetable in it.
Soft Shell Crab

Lumpia RM19, pretty similar to local deep fried spring roll but instead of only vegetable they fill it with duck meat and vegetable, it served with special home made sauce that taste sweet with mild spiciness.


Satay Lilit Ayam RM19, marinated chicken meat wrapped at lemongrass then grilled to perfection, chicken meat itself taste flavorful and additional fragrance from lemongrass making it taste even better.
Satay Lilit Ayam

Wedges RM15, my favorite wedges with tomato sauce. best combination.

GK Wings RM28, one, two, three, four chicken wings. Yummy! Chicken wing with sweet sauce top with sesame, it is very juicy and the sweet sauce that pretty much like BBQ sauce are very tasty.
GK Wings

Gravity Burger RM28, that is a big portion of burger. You can choose to have either chicken or beef patty and it served with wedges.
Gravity Burger

Fried Fries RM12
Fried Fries

Starting from October'15, every Wednesday and Thursday night are LADIES NIGHT at Gravity Rooftop Bar. Ladies are entitle for free flow of cocktail from 8pm - 10pm and not one but three different type of cocktail available for selection. Cocktail are different every week as well.
Ladies Night Drinks that consist of Mango Magarita, Cope Copper and Tequila Sunrise.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Ladies Night Free Drink

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Ladies Night
Every Wednesday & Thursday, 8:00pm – 12:00am
Girls get free flow of cocktail from 8.00pm to 10.00pm for a sexy and fun night with great music at the rooftop bar.

Rainbow Margarita
Daily, 5:00pm — 10:00pm
RM 26 per set of 5 shots
​Each shot brings different hues and flavours to brighten up your night.

Happy Hour
Buy 1 Free 1 on all house pours
Daily, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

G Hote Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar
Persiaran Gurney, George Town, 10250 Pulau Pinang,
+604 219 0000

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