Seafood Master Restaurant

On our last visit to K-Pot Buffet we have notice Seafood Master Restaurant which just next to K-Pot Buffet and recently we saw they have a great deal at for just RM72, 7 course meal for 6 pax which is really cheap. Immediately we decided to give it a try. Parking available right in front of the restaurant or you can park behind the restaurant which has more parking space available.

Entrance from the back of the shop.
Seafood Master Restaurant

Peanut are provided but not included in the voucher but it just additional few ringgit each.

Deep Fried Whole "Kim Hong" Fish, perfectly deep fried fish that is extremely crispy and top with flavorful soy sauce making it taste good. One and a half fish are served to us which are pretty big in size.
Deep Fried Whole ‘ Kim Hong ‘ Fish

White Tomyam Seafood with assorted seafood included such as squid, prawn and fish meat. The soup itself is quite spicy but extremely appetizing, I love the strong flavor of white tomyam soup and myself has finish three bowl of it.
White Tomyam Seafood

Sweet and Sour Pork, perfectly deep fried pork meat which are extremely crunchy then top with sweet and sour sauce. It is one of the best dishes we all agree on.
Three Cups Chicken

Deep Fried Prawn top with Mayonnaise and nata de coco. Prawn coated with a layer of flour then deep fried to golden color and top with sweet mayonnaise, it is very crispy and flavorful.
Mantis Prawns fried with Butter and Salted Egg

Claypot Mix Vegetables with Japanese Tofu, big bowl of claypot vegetable and mushroom with whole lot of Japanese tofu in it.
Claypot Mix Vegetables

Stir Fried Vegetable with Fermented Bean curd.
Stir Fried Vegetable

Fresh fruits served to us are orange.
Fresh Orange

Great dinner and value for money, 5 of us really enjoy the dinner and it is extremely cheap, you can get the deal from for just RM72.
Seafood Master Dinner

The original price is RM173.25 but now you can get the deal at for just RM72, total of 52% discount.
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2C, Seaview Park, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang
11.30am - 2.30pm / 5.30pm - 10.00pm daily

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