Steamed Seafood Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 Golden Triangle

Steamed Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 is a newly open restaurant at Golden Triangle that introduce the new way for cooking. Instead of typical stir fried, BBQ, grilled they cook food with Steamed without any single drop of seasoning or oil. That is the best way to maintain original flavor and keep the food fresh and full of nutritious.
Steamed Seafood Hot Pot

Spaces restaurant with air-con, proper seating area and comfortable.
Steamed Seafood Hot Pot

Steamed Seafood Hot Pot

Simple guide on how long different type of food required to steamed. Throughout the whole dinner session waiters helping us to setup and steamed all ingredients, we just focus on eating.
Steamed Seafood Hot Pot

Huge variety of dipping sauce available. You have to try Lau Kan Ma Sauce which are very famous in China, it can be use as dipping sauce for almost anything.
Dipping Sauce

Teng! Teng! our table are fill up with assorted of seafood and vegetable. Huge variety of ingredients up for selection, but we highly recommend seafood as their seafood are extremely fresh with reasonable price.
Steamed Seafood Hot Pot

Crab Porridge RM10 each that came with 1 Flower Crab and Rice that cater for the total number of customer. Crab and Porridge are place at the bottom where a all the fresh seafood essence will be collected and cook together to create the delicious porridge.
crab porridge

Nine Shrimp RM5/100gram
tiger prawn

King Prawn RM10/100gram
white prawn

Scallop RM15/6pcs, big size scallop.
fresh scallop

Crab RM28/pcs (300-350gram)
fresh crab

Pomfret RM6/100gram

Shrimp Siew Mai RM4/6pcs
FuZhou Fish Ball RM5/5pcs
siew mai

Grouper Market Price
fish meat


Small Corn
small corn

Lady Finger RM2.50/palte
ladies finger

Fresh Vegetable
fresh vegetable

Clam RM6/200gram, this is a must order dishes. Very fresh and truly tasty.
steamed clam

Lala RM8/200gram, same goes for Lala, it is so fresh and delicious.
steamed clam

steamed clam

Steamed Prawn, prawn are big in size and fresh as well. Prefer to eat without any dipping sauce to taste the original sweetness of prawn. Nine Shrimp Prawn has better texture while King Prawn taste sweeter.
steamed prawn

Very nice!
steamed prawn

Size of King prawn are so big.
steamed prawn

Steamed Scallop with a sliced of Lemon for even better flavor.
Steamed scallop

Steamed Crab is a must order, average size of crab for just RM28 each. Crab sweetness are well contain within it meat while a little bit of essence drop into porridge that give a huge boost to flavor. One more please!
steamed crab

Chicken RM8/pcs are surprisingly tasty, we never expect non-marinated chicken can be so delicious. It is so juicy and smooth in texture, i would say i never eat chicken with this kind of sweetness and texture before.
steamed chicken

Steamed Fish with a slice of ginger, spring onion and fried garlic. If you want to have some extra flavor you may add Lau Kan Ma sauce on top then steamed to perfection.
steamed fish

Broccoli RM3/plate
Steamed vegetable

Pork Wrap Enoki Mushroom RM6/6pcs
Steamed bacon

Finally our porridge are fill with seafood sweetness. Our porridge have a little bit too much water due to long photo taking, if you can eat faster and have more seafood then the seafood will be extremely sweet.
crab porridge

crab porridge

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29-1-33, Golden Triangle, Jalan Paya Terubong, Relau, Bayan Lepas Penang
5pm - 11pm
010-332 9119

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