Grouper Fish Head Steamboat at Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat 锅香府特色火锅专卖店

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I believe Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat 锅香府特色火锅专卖店 is familiar to my belove reader as we wrote about their 海龙王海鲜粥低锅 steamboat before and we love it so much. Guo Xiang Fu recently launch a new flavor steamboat which are Grouper Fish Head Soup Steamboat.
Grouper Fish Head Steamboat

Grouper Fish Head Steamboat RM65 that came with deep fried fish head, tofu and cabbage in it, on top of that side ingredients such as enoki, two type of fish ball, bean curb and two plate of rice noodle are included as well. A reasonable portion that is enough for three to four persons. *One Day Advanced Booking Required.
Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat

Enoki Mushroom Fish Meat

Fish Ball

Beancurb Fish Ball


Steamboat served on claypot instead of steel pot which are better in retention heat and we always believe that it has better flavor. There is whole lot of fresh grouper fish meat found inside, really a lot of big pieces of fish meat inside and soup that awesome, it is extremely flavorful with fish freshness taste. Best thing is we don’t feel thirsty after eating.
Fish Head Steamboat

Love their secret sauce, it taste a little bit spicy and goes well with any steamboat ingredients.
Dipping Sauce

A small bowl of liquor are provided which taste like brandy to me, add into the steamboat help to boost its flavor and sweetness but personally I prefer the original taste which has stronger fish freshness, by adding in liquor it become too sweet for me.

Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom RM6.50, instead of deep fried whole bunch of enoki mushroom they took the effort to separate it then only deep fried, it make every single pieces of enoki mushroom to be perfectly deep fried to crispiness.
Deep Fried Enoki

We add on more ingredients since we have 6 persons on table and we really enjoy the crazy night eating steamboat nonstop while those girl talk about 003 (don’t get me wrong, 003 is a hair product).
Steamboat Ingredients

Slice Meat

Slice Meat Prawn Pork Mince

Scallop Abalone Slice Fish Ball

Cheese Tofu Pork Skin Small Corn

Lotus Black Fungus CuttleFish

Fish Ball Dumpling Seafood Tofu

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No 10 , Jalan Seang Tek , 10400 Georgetown Penang .
Business Hour : 5:00pm – 12:00am ( Open Daily )
Tel : +6012 409 7096 ( Eric Ng )

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