How Enqvist Lose 18 KG in 6 Months

Finally I decided to share my weight loss experience after 6 months of hard work, although I did not have 6 pax body shape now but at least I am on healthy level of BMI. I manage to reduce a total of 18kg off my total weight which equivalent to 21% of me just gone. A lot people asking me how you make it, do you eat? Exercise? Diet? Supplement? flooded with question. Lot of my friends and relative are very happy with my result and hope I can share with them the journey I took in the past 6 months.


Here is my 6 months progress, I have really good progress on first few weeks but slow down after that, I even got a minor spike in weight in between. I work harder and it continue to drop till my target weight of 65kg. So now my new challenge is to sustain, the journey just start and I hope I can sustain and build some muscle.

I start to gain weight after starting my food blog 4 years back but still in manageable level until 2015 where I attend a lot of food review and eat like crazy, at one point I attended to 6 buffet within a months and my weight shoot up to 83kg, can you imagine the size of 83kg on a body height of just 165cm? I am a very short guy and with 83kg weight, it make me look extremely fat. But honestly, I don’t feel that I am super FAT that time, LOL!

I DO exercise in the past and I do it consistently, 2 session of 2 hours badminton weekly and I thought that should be enough to keep my body in shape but I was wrong. Why? Well, every time I finish badminton I will reward myself with some food such as hokkien mee, curry mee, fried rice….etc. Yeah, I sweat a lot for 2 hours and eating just a small bowl of noodle should be ok right? WRONG, very WRONG! So wrong that I never lose any weight instead I keep putting weight on my body.

What about my eating habits? What make me gain so much weight? Well, I use to be a very heavy eater where I have to eat 110% to be satisfied, although I don’t drink sweet drink or eat a lot dessert but the amount of food taken on every meal is much more than my body need. I love economy rice(not so economy actually) because I can take a lot of different dishes to fill up my big plate, I love to eat Curry mee that can top up extra ingredients because I love to add on chicken wing and fish ball, I love BUFFET very much because I can eat nonstop, I can grab those beef, lamb, chicken, prawn in big full plate countlessly. Because of that my eating habit, I has since become unhealthy toward a point that I feel discomfort at night or even next day morning.

My body start to send warning message, after a full meal at night I feel so uncomfortable and encounter Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) 胃酸倒流. I even wake up midnight to burp, sometime it make me so discomfort that I need to drink warm water to make myself feel better. Other than that, my Cholesterol level is spiking up to 7.2 and doctor recommend to take medicine, I refuse as I thought I able to control it with my so call determination. WRONG!

Story begin from September 2015 where my friend ask me whether I am interested to join a FREE program sponsor by company that teach you how to eat healthy and control weight, my first reaction to him is NO. I am very happy with my eating habit and I know I am FAT but I think still acceptable (Funny right? Never realize I am so fat and out of control already). He keep encourage and say it FREE, no harm to join and if I am not interested I can just quit. Finally I told him that I will join for fun and hope to learn something but I can’t promise to be the BIGGEST LOSER. By the way, the winner of the program get some cash award. He then find another 3 more member and we form a team Mission Slimpossible. Sound great right? That how I get into the weight loss journey, I should have thanks him else I wouldn’t get into healthy life now. By the way, he is the program BIGGEST LOSER, so proud of him.
*WAW is a program by Penang Adventist Hospital, I don't have much detail and not affiliate with them. If you are interested with this program please contact Penang Adventist Hospital directly.

On our first class, Doctor Yen is our health coach and the first thing she ask us “What is your motivation” for joining this class. I gave a deep thought and realize that “hey, my cholesterol is high and I should reduce it to healthy level” and that is my motivation toward a healthy life. The class teach us about healthy eating, emotional eating, how to read food label, exercise, weight loss myth…etc it is getting more and more interesting, seem like I can relate it very well with my life now.
*Just a random training room photo.

I started with a simple plan, exercise every day for at least 5 days a week. I have an indoor bike and a 5 years old (maybe older) treadmill and that two equipment are my only cardio exercise in the past 6 months. Sound boring right? I have the same thought on the first few week until I found “Biggest Loser” TV show and start to enjoy it, each episode around 45 minutes and I manage to complete 45 minutes running on treadmill while watching “Biggest Loser”. It is very important to keep yourself entertain while workout else you won’t enjoy it. I found that “Biggest Loser” not only motivating but also provide a lot of healthy eating and exercise tips. If you watch “Biggest Loser” before you will understand how motivating to see a person with over 300kg that can barely move start exercise, eat healthy and later become so pretty and handsome. Back to my exercise routine, during my peak period I only stop for a total of 4 days throughout the first 3 months. I practically do exercise every day and each session at least 30minute, when I feel energetic I will continue for 1 or 2 hours. Sometime I will perform some strength training after cardio which help to burn more fat and keep your body in shape.

Two ladies inspired me the most on The Biggest Loser, first is definitely the winner Ali who was voted out and return to win the Biggest Loser title. She is the first female to win on the show with a whopping 112 pounds (50kg) lost. She really inspired me to run faster every time i saw her on screen, I know it is not easy to have that kind of determination and i really respect her.

The second ladies was on earlier season of Biggest Loser where Kae is a smaller size lady in that season but she manage to consistently reduce her weight every week, although she did not manage to win the biggest title but the progress she made really inspired me.

Another key factor is how I change my eating habit, it not easy to change habit and it took me around 8 weeks to get used to it. It is hard on early stage especially for tamchiak people like me but eventually I overcome the challenge and get used to it now. Let talk about breakfast, I did not make much changes since I has been eating Oat for the past 4 years and I maintain the same until today, I had 3 spoon of oat with add on raisin, nut or chia seed. 6 out of 7 days a week. For lunch and dinner normally I eat Economy Rice and follow the “Healthy Eating Plate”, a quarter of Carbo such as rice or sometime I substitute with potato, another quarter of protein (meat, tofu) and half plate of vegetable. For protein intake normally I took chicken breast or fish and try to avoid deep fried and curry. What about buffet? Well, if I know I going to eat buffet on that day I will limit my food consumption on other meal to something light or compensate back by doing more exercise. Always remember what is your body daily calories intake based on your height and weight and control within that limit. I will talk more about calories later on.

A lot people confuse on what is calories and the calculation behind, I make it very simple. Always remember 7700 calories = 1kg. Which mean if you eat more than 7700 calories you put on extra 1kg on your weight or you burn 7700 calories through exercise then you reduce by 1kg. Keep it simple. So how much calories my body need on daily basic without exercise. Here is the formula.


Based on my height, weight and age, my daily intake is around 1850 calories. 1850 calories is for me to maintain my weight but since I want to reduce weight then I need to reduce my calories intake. Example, if I eat around 1550 calories without exercise which mean I keep 300 calories and that equal to (7700/300) 1kg lost every 22 days. 16kg in 1 years. Sound Good? Probably Yes but still not enough.
What about exercise? Average 30minute cardio burn around 300 calories which mean you have extra (300+300)600 calories per days and that equal to (7700/600) 1kg in 13 days, 27kg in 1 years. That sound much better now. So, in order to maximize the potential of losing weight on your body, your need to control your eating habit and do more exercise. By the way, this is just a simple reference on calories calculation, there is still a lot other factor that impact on overall calculation and bear in mind that as human we may not be able to reduce weight forever, at certain stage we have to switch from reduce to maintain.
My experience, my body need 1850 calories, I control my meal to 1500 calories and do exercise of 30-60minutes (equal to 300 – 600 calories), I save around 650-950 calories per day (300+exercise). 1kg in 11days.

How much calories per bowl of Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee? How much calories per plate of Char Koay Teow, Fried Rice? How much calories for a slice of Tiramisu, Cheese Cake? There is no 100% correct answer and nobody can tell you the answer as well. So how I get those number then? how do i count my daily intake? Well, I install an app call myfitnesspal which gave me an idea of how much calories per item I eat, although the exact calories count might be different but at least I have a reference. myfitnesspal not only help to track your daily intake instead it also help to track your exercise and by add minus both calories it give you an idea how are you doing everyday. To me it is a very useful tool and it help me a lot in the past 6 months.
*This app is available for both IOS and Android.

That all I have for now, I will try my best to share more whenever I have time. Next challenge! Build Muscle and Stay Fit!