Crabby Claws Seafood on Table at The Bungalow Lone Pine Hotel

Seafood on table is so famous recently and Lone Pine Hotel is rolling out a special menu on every Thursday call Crabby Claws. Dining at The Bungalow with the scenic sea view while eating seafood is definetely the best ever experience.
crabbyclawlo (67)

lone pine hotel crabby claw

Every diner are given a pack of apron with glove for you to enjoy seafood. Remember, no utensil will be provided as today we going to eat everthing on table with hand ONLY.
lone pine hotel crabby claw

Crabby Claw Set came with three different type of flavor such as Indonesian Curry, Kam Heong and Sweet & Sour. Personally we like the Indonesian Curry the most follow by Kam Heong and Sweet & Sour, Indonesian curry has very strong herbs flavor with a little bit of spiciness taste while Sweet & Sour a little bit too sweet for our liking.

Two set available for RM79 nett or RM138 nett.
RM79 set came with 300g prawn, 180g squid, 150g kappa, 150g clams, sweet peas, corns, potato and onions.
RM138 set came with 500g mud crab, 300g prawn, 180g squid, 150g kappa, 150g clams, sweet peas, corns, potato and onions.
both option came with either mantou, rice or garlic bread. Highly recommended mantou.
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lone pine hotel crabby claw

Mantou are the best option as it is perfectly deep fried to crispy texture.
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You can order extra seafood or vegetable to goes along with seafood set, assorted fresh seafood and vegetable are available. Seafood are not for top up instead they have chef that will grilled on the spot and you can eat it with their special dipping sauce.
fresh squid fresh prawn

fresh crab fresh fish

fresh fish fresh seafood

assorted vegetable scallop

muscle sausage

Freshly cook by chef.
lone pine hotel crabby claw

grilled fish

Assorted dipping sauce available.
dipping sauce

Grilled Fish or Ikan Bakar are the local famous grilled fish with banana leave top with special chili sauce.
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grilled fish

That is how we enjoy the fish, whole fish are served on table without any plate. Spicy sauce use to cook fish taste so good, fish are perfectly cook to texture and dipping with the spicy sauce is just awesome.
lone pine hotel crabby claw

Same goes for vegetable, all throw on table.
crabbyclawlo (82)

This is how we end up filling the table with whole lot of seafood.
lone pine hotel crabby claw

grilled lady finger

grilled sweet corn

Price list for seafood.
lone pine hotel crabby claw

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Lone Pine Hotel Penang
97, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang.
04-886 8686
Every Thursday Only

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