Great Pasta at DCOVA Logan Heritage Penang Georgetown

Good News! DCOVA are lauching two new Pasta that are so attractive. One of them are limited edition so hopefully by the time you read it is still available. That is Sakura Ebi Pasta that are fully imported from Japan and available on specific season only. Read more for awesome pasta that we enjoy at DCOVA.

Summer Strawberry RM13.50 and Yuzade RM14.90
Summer Strawberry and Yuzade

Café Latte RM13
Café Latte

Raspberry Dream RM11.50
dcov2y (3)

Goma Salad RM11.90, fresh vegetable served with sesame sauce and dried cranberry are surprisingly well combination. It has my favorite rocket as well, a mixture of strong flavor rocket with other vegetable help to balance it taste.
Goma Salad

Sakura Ebi Pasta RM26.90, it is certainly interesting to see a huge portion of Sakura Ebi on top of pasta. If you notice that “dried Shrimp” served are different from what we typically enjoy locally? Yes, big different, because Sakura Ebi are imported from Japan and it has very strong shrimp aroma. It has extremely strong taste which goes well with Pasta, generous amount of Sakura Ebi allow every bite of pasta to fill with it fragrance, serve together with bacon which has further enhance it flavor.
Sakura Ebi Pasta

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta RM26.90, nicely marinated and cook Teriyaki Chicken taste sweet and flavorful served together with seaweed, leeks, bacon and mushroom. Mix well with pasta allow the seaweed and teriyaki sauce to blend well with pasta for the special yet delicious taste.
Teriyaki Chicken Pasta

Pasta Al Funghi RM18.90, this is not new in the menu but it is still delicious in our mind hence we order AGAIN! If you are mushroom lover like us then you should not miss this mushroom heaven, it is perfectly stir fried to flavor.
Pasta Al Funghi

Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia RM27.90, squid ink pasta is not something special since we ate it few years back but in order to create a squid ink pasta without fishy taste then it will be memorable. Yup, we ate here before and we love it, it has a unique taste but not fishy which just suit our taste. Topping with a huge portion of Ebiko help to enhance it flavor.
Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia

Y & G RM9.90, yogurt are special made from DCOVA chef, it is great eating with the granola served. Sour taste yogurt is my all-time favorite, it not only help to boost my appetizer instead it is very healthy as well.
Y & G

Matchamisu RM18.90, it is actually a Tiramisu + Matcha powder instead of Coco powder. High quality imported Matcha powder are introduce as a creativity add on to create something special, we are really impress by the Matcha Tiramisu.

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Logan Heritage, No. 4, Bishop Street, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
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Friday - Saturday 10am-12am
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