Private Ramadhan Buffet 2016 at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Have you ever consider to have a private Ramadhan event at Hotel? Completely private! It can be interesting if you have a group of friends or colleague, you can now enjoy a private room buffet at Hotel Equatorial Penang for just RM85 or RM70 nett per person with minimum of 50 person. Three different menu available for RM85 (early bird, normal price RM100) while two different menu for RM70 (early bird, normal price RM80). Here we review on RM85 menu A. Each package include Raya Theme decoration in private room and 10 complimentary car park slots. Other than that, if you plan to have private function at home aka catering, RM560 nett for 10-12person portion are available as well, free delivering within Penang Island with minimum of 2 sets.
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Let get started with Salad Bar that has cucumber, tomato, carrot, lettuce, sweet corn, cabbage, capsicum…etc came with assorted dressing.
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Moving to appetizer bar, there is assorted kerabu, ikan masin, telur masin, ulam…etc. Assorted keropok are included as well, great for kids. I like those kerabu as it is very appetizing, sour and spicy. I like Ikan Masin but it is a little bit too big and without porridge I just can’t find a way to eat it, what a waste. Initially I though only 1 type of Ikan Masin and the rest is deep fried fish but who know there is 3 different type of Ikan Masin. Haha!
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Jeruk-Jeruk is a type of preserve fruits. Normally it taste sweet, very sweet. It is sometime very addictive as you can easily finish up one big bowl of it.
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Rojak, assorted fresh fruits mixed with prawn paste.
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Assorted fresh fruits and dates
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Malay Traditional Kuih are included in the buffet line, it is not easy to find a good stall that sell good traditional kuih but all three type of Malay Kuih serve taste good.
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Assorted Dessert are included as well.
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Barley Drinks
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On hot dishes side there is Nasi Putih, Nasi Tomato, Udang Berjintan, Kambing Madura, Sambal Sotong Cili Goreng, Ayam Masak Lemak Chili Api, Sayur Goreng Masak Ala Cina, Ikan Masak Kong Poh Dry Chili. I would say a mixture of Chinese and Malay food here as there is a couple of Chinese food found in the menu especially the vegetable and Kong Po fish. Other than that, rest of the Malay food taste awesome expecially the Lamb Kambing Madura which has very thick curry and lamb is perfectly cook to tender. Sambal Sotong also taste good, not chewy and the chili sauce taste sweet and spicy. Prawn is rather big and fresh as well.
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Ice Kacang Counter
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Coffee Machine
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Assorted tea bag
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Curry Mee
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Thai Tom Yam Seafood Soup also my favorite, squid and prawn are added. I like the sour yet spicy soup, best to take with steamed rice.
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Action Counter, deep fried banana, sweet potato, cempedak, cucur udang…etc
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By the way, Hotel Equatorial Penang are famous for their cookies as well, during Ramadhan month a package of cookies is available for just RM49.00 which came with Cornflake Cookies, Coconut Cookies, Walnuts Chocolate Cookies, Green Tea Cookies and Roasted Peanut Cookies. I never LIKE cookies so much, I really fall in love with their cookies, definitely a great option for gift.
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Hotel Equatorial Penang
Jalan Bukit Jambul, 11900 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
+60 4-632 7000
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