Cititel Penang Main Street Cafe Japanese and Western Theme Buffet

Cititel Main Street Cafe Buffet July Buffet Promotion with a very special theme Food & Fruits, as the mean suggest fruits will be incorporate into dishes to create the awesome foods. It sound fancy right? Yes, it indeed very special and healthy as well. Buffet price at RM85 nett per adult, RM43 nett per child and RM59 nett per senior citizen. Pretty reasonable price for wide range of food offer on the buffet line. Theme buffet is available on every Saturday while Friday offering Japanese + Western and Sunday Japanese + Seafood for the same price.
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What about eating porridge at midnight? If yes then RM22 nett is far more reasonable than any restaurant can offer, starting from 10.30PM till 2.30AM every Friday and Saturday.
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We went on Friday for Japanese + Western buffet, wide range of Japanese food serve such as Sashimi, Sushi, Gyoza, Miso Soup, Yaki Meshi, Teriyaki Salmon, Chawanmushi, Tempura…etc.
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Coffee Machine
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Assorted Sweet Drinks
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Hopping over to Salad Bar, fresh vegetable with wide range of dressing.
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Malaysia style salad? Yes, this is call Ulam which is a type of Malay traditional food that eat raw with sambal as dipping sauce.
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Hot dish item included are Japanese Fried Rice, Gyoza, Chili Chicken, Spicy Squid, Lamb Chop…etc.
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Wok Fried Vegetable
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Tom Yam Seafood
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Deep fried item such as Samosa, Popiah, Money Bag and Prawn Roll.
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Chicken Satay
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Beef Satay, very delicious and not chewy at all.
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Sashimi included are Salmon, Maguro and Butterfish, not only that Octopus, Jelly Fish and Mock Snow Crab Leg are served as well, remember to take the Kerabu Sauce that goes well with the Jelly Fish.
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Seafood on ice included Prawn, Scallop, Muscle and fresh Oyster.
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A bowl of porridge with salted fish and salted egg?
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9 different type of Sushi and Maki, nicely done to texture and flavor.
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While on the dessert line there is one..twothree..four..five……..countless dessert available and don’t be surprise when you get to taste a very special dessert that make from Durian. Yes, now is the season for Durian and they use the King of Fruits on their dessert. It is yummy!
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Fruits on Skewer for dipping on Chocolate fountain.
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Durian Puff, one of the hot item and it finish fast. I mean really fast.
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Traditional Malay Kuih
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Assorted Fresh Fruits
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Ice Kacang Satu!
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Apple Chutney
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Assorted Ice Cream, our favorite place for Affogato. Instead of using Vanilla to mix with Expresso, we mix it with Coco flavor ice cream which taste even better.
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Durian Dessert
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Cititel Penang
66, Jalan Penang, 10000 Penang
04 291 1128

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