Anson Park Seafood Restaurant

We use to visit Anson Park Seafood Restaurant frequently until they move to somewhere and we lost contact, now they move back to Anson Park and continue to served great food again. Spaces sitting area with ample of parking space available, very convenient for family dinner.
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Mini Seafood Pot RM28 (Pre-order required), each pot are steamed individually to create the sweet taste, black chicken are added to create the special sweetness while other seafood help to boost it flavor even more.
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Steamed Clam RM20, extremely fresh clam cook with sweet and sour sauce. It is so delicious especially the meaty clam that taste so delicious.
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Crispy Duck RM35, duck are perfectly deep fried to crispy texture and duck meat are flavorful as well.
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Salted Egg Bitter Gord, something special! We have never eat something like this before and it indeed very special.
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Thai Style Deep Fried Pork Knuckle RM32 (Two Portion in Picture), deep fried to crispy skin served with spicy and sour sauce.
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Butter Prawn, fragrance of butter overwhelm our palate but it never took over the prawn freshness, both create a well balanced flavor.
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Stir Fried Vegetable RM15
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Nyonya Steamed Fish, thick nyonya sauce served with fresh red fish. Fish are fresh and the nyonya sauce really stood out as it has very strong flavor which goes well with steamed rice.
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No 20, Anson Road, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.
Closed on Tuesday

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