We have long heard about Francis Light but do you know “When Francis Meets Rempah” what will happen? Yup, a restaurant with Western style decoration but served local food with all sort of rempah. That is what Kota about, a restaurant that give us surprise, surprise and surprise with it unique and creative dishes.
Kota Restaurant Penang

Kota Restaurant Penang

Comfortable environment with see through glass throughout the whole restaurant.
Kota Restaurant Penang

Nutmeg RM14, a bottle of nutmeg juice that perfectly grind and filter to have the smooth texture, it tastes extremely refreshing.

Cendol RM16, mixture of Gula Melaka, Coconut Milk, Pandan, Cendo and Red Bean served in cup, the combination of Gula Melaka and coconut milk is just awesome, it has very strong fragrance of each and form a unique flavor.

Kay Kut Teh RM29, Malaysia famous Chinese herbal soup, instead of pork they replace it with chicken since Kota is a pork free restaurant, included ingredients are rice served in sweet bean curb, mushroom, bean curb and one big piece of grilled chicken. So, we never expect big portion when this item place under Soup section in menu, this seem like a main dish to us. But….we are happy since we are big eater and the more the merrier. Herbal soup are cook to flavor to have strong herbal fragrance, enjoy while it still hot.
Kay Kut Teh

Kay Kut Teh

Jumbo Platter RM38, Pai Tee Cup, Chicken Lollipop, Chinese Bun with Jiu Hu Char, Tandoori Chicken, Kerabu and Yam Char Siew. Seriously, this is the best platter i ever have, a plate of Penang culture. It has all the necessary element to demo Penang culture as a whole by introducing each and every race food in just one single plate. Chicken Lollipop are perfectly marinated and wrap with lemongrass, it has nice flavor with strong lemongrass fragrance, Yam Char Siew is my favorite as the yam are so smooth in texture and char siew are perfectly flavor, deep fried Yam Char Siew has crispy skin with moist and smooth texture inside together with nice flavor char siew is just awesome. Kerabu is very appetizing and it has very special ingredients which are the Laksa Flower which gave it extra boost of flavor.
Jumbo Platter

kotak3 (15)

Kota Restaurant Penang

Laksa RM25, Kesom(Laksa Leaf), Cucumber, Pineapple, Mint, Mackerel Fish, Galangal and Rice Paper is the combination of Penang signature hawker food. Well, you can easily get a bowl of Laksa in every corner of Penang but not a special Laksa that served like Kota. Have you seen Laksa served soup, noodle and vegetable separately? No, we never. It is so special that they wrap vegetable and Laksa noodle in rice paper which allow you to dip into Laksa soup and eat it, not only that there is a deep fried item which has Laksa Noodle in it, when it deep into Laksa soup it fully absorb Laksa soup and make it taste special and delicious. Oh my, I never thought that Laksa can be so creative.

Nyonya RM25, Rendang Chicken, Butterfly Pea Flower, Coconut Rice, Achar and Otak-Otak. Seriously, it is not so special right? Sorry, my expectation is higher after Laksa and Jumbo Platter. Wait, let have a full scoop first before we make judgement. Wau, here it come the surprise, at the very bottom of the rice are fill with a layer of Otak-Otak, here go the surprise. They caught us again. Personally I would recommend to mix all ingredients and make a good stir, when all ingredients mixed well it form a great flavor.


Parfait RM19, Peanut, Black Sesame, Pandan Coconut and Jackfruits. Hey waitress, you send the wrong dessert! Parfait should be in a cup. Waitress: Sir, that is our Parfait, we served in plate. That right, why we never learn? All dishes here are special, unique, creative. Alright, we learn now. Among those 3 dessert, my favorite is Black Sesame with Peanut Tangyuan, where both has strong flavor but never overpower each other. Pandan Coconut are pretty special as well especially the fried coconut create a very strong taste which goes well with Pandan.

Cream Brulee RM19, Pandan, Gula Melaka and Black Glutinous Rice. Three bowl of Cream Brulee served on a nyonya texture plate with each has its own unique flavor, among those three flavor, Gula Melaka is my favorite as it has the black sugar fragrance, follow by Black Glutinous Rice which are hide underneath layer of cream brulee and last but not least Pandan flavor. All three flavor has its own unique flavor and taste but all are as smooth in term of texture.
Cream Brulee

Kota, When Francis Meets Rempah restaurant located inside Fort Cornwallis, parking available at road side.
Kota Restaurant Penang

Entrance to Fort Cornwallis required entrance ticket of RM10 per person BUT you can use that RM10 in Kota restaurant as long as you spend RM20. Like our case, we paid RM20 for entrance ticket but since we spend more than RM100 so RM20 is waived, on top of that we got to visit the historical place for FREE.
Kota Restaurant Penang

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Kota When Francis Meets Rempah at Fort Cornwallis
Fort Cornwallis, Jalan Tun Syed Shed Barakbah, 10200, Georgetown Penang
10.30am – 10.30pm Daily

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