Leong Yin Pastry Mooncake

Leong Yin Pastry signature lotus-seed based with various flavors are famous among mooncake maker as they are the main supplier for key ingredients of Mooncake. Leong Yin paste are not only famous in Malaysia instead it received big welcome among many countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei...etc.
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What make Leong Yin so special compare to others? Well, without us realize that most of the market mooncake paste are actually make from bean paste instead of pure lotus seed, Leong Yin use lotus seed which cost couple time higher compare to bean paste to ensure top quality of mooncake paste to preserve the original taste of lotus seed.
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Benefit of lotus seed are countless and amoong those good for human health are Anti-Aging enzyme which help to repair damages cells, high in fiber to avoid constipation, contains a natural flavonoid which prevents inflammation, good source of protein, magnesium, potassium & phosphorus, low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol. It is one of the healthy ingredients for human body.
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Leong Yin Pastry has countless mooncake but still they launch new flavor every year to meet market demand. Among new flavor launch this year are:
Wholesome Chocolate Macadamia with Chips 小巧玲珑
Gridelin Mellow 金芋满堂
Ardent Rhapsody 菊花台
Aurulent Lavish 南洋风情
Scarlet Missive 踏雪寻莓

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Leong Yin Pastry's mooncakes are available at the following outlets or retails.

Penang Island
(1) Aeon Queensbay Mall
(2) Gama
(3) Gurney Plaza
(4) Gurney Paragon
(5) M Mall O2O Penang
(6) Sunshine Square
(7) Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall

Penang Mainland
(1) Aeon Bukit Mertajam Alma
(2) CMart Simpang Empat Tambun
(3) Pacific Megamall
(4) Sunway Carnival Mall

Sungai Petani
(1) CMart Aman Jaya Sungai Petani
(2) Sungai Petani Center Mall

Alor Setar
(1) Alor Setar Mall

(1) Aeon Mall Taiping
(2) Pacific Taiping Mall

(1) Aeon Kinta City
(2) The Store Kampar Road, Ipoh